Poetry Blog #1–When to Write, and When Not to Write

(This Post Completely Disregards All Teachers and Their Feelings For My Writing and I) We are all terrible at sticking to posting schedules, yes? Let's stick with that and move on. (ONE MORE DAY AND IT'S THE END OF THE ASSESSMENT SEASON! TEACHERS CANN JUST GIVE US HOMEWORK, NOT ASSESSMENTS AND TEST NOTIFICATIONS!) So, why... Continue Reading →

Writing Blog #1+ Exciting announcment

Hey there friends! (See! I have friends! Wow, that sounded really sad.)  So... you may be thinking, why the heck am I so bad at staying to a weekly posting schedule on here? Great question! The answer is... Writing!  This may come as a surprise, but I actually do have hobbies that don't involve blogging.... Continue Reading →

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