How to Irritate a Bookworm

Us, book nerds are usually kind, calm creatures (note the word usually) but if you irritate us don't expect us to act as sweet as we do when we are telling you about our favourite book. Here are some things that drive us mad... When someone says they hate reading and that you prefer to watch... Continue Reading →

Skulduggery Pleasant by Karabelle. Chapter 5.

 Hello! Second last chapter before it all slows down... Lets do it! Chapter 5 Ghastly paced nervously back and forth in the back of his shop, glancing at his watch every so often. He stopped in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall. "It's fine. It's just a date. You've been on one before... Continue Reading →

Vampire Academy: Review

Hi, guys! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I seem to be a talented procrastinator and have been reading Anna and the French Kiss (Another FANTASTIC book!). So I apologise for my tardiness, but here is the Vampire Academy Review. But before we begin, PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE THE BOOKS BY THEIR COVERS! The Vampire... Continue Reading →

Writing Struggles

Hello, wonderful readers! It's Melia here and I finally have another post for you!! It is going to be very short, though. As Laurena said in her last post (Top 15 Favourite Throne of Glass (Series) Quotes), we are slacking on our posting a lot due to school. We don't even have exams this year... Continue Reading →

Books I Really Want To Read

Hello, everyone! It's is Melia and I haven't posted in ages. Sorry! I have been so busy lately and just haven't had the time to write a post. Never fear! I have a post for you right here! *Applause* 😎 This post is going to be a list of some of the books I really want to... Continue Reading →

Skulduggery Pleasant Chapter 2

Here you go! Thank Karabelle in the comments once again please! Chapter 2 China opened her eyes blearily. She saw a blurry figure standing on the other side of the room, leaning over a wooden table. China herself was strapped and magically bound to a chair in the middle of the room. There was an... Continue Reading →

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