Books that Remind Us of Christmas

Merry Christmas! As it is the stroke of midnight, Christmas day for all those who live in NSW, I thought I would post a list of Christmas books/ books that remind me of Christmas. INCLUDES PICTURE BOOKS, YOUNG READERS AND YA. How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss Letters to Father Christmas by J.... Continue Reading →


Dear Readers, Thank you for the past nine months (or so). It's been a crazy journey!!! This year we had many pleasant and unpleasant surprises such as the American Election, Book releases and many movie adaptations! This Christmas we would like to give a particular shoutout to our friends, Izzy and Karenza, or you may... Continue Reading →

10 Struggles of Writing

Hello, everyone! It's Melia here today and I have put together a list of struggles that often occur while writing. So, I noticed that a lot of us, here in the book blogging community, love to write and want to write novels for people to enjoy. Ally, Laurena and I all fit into that category... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Wolf by Wolf

General Information: Pages: 320 Genre: Sci-fi, adventure, 'what if' Series: Wolf by Wolf Author: Ryan Graudin Publisher: Indigo Source: Christmas gift from Melia! ISBN: 1780622031 Release Date: November 5th, 2015 Book Format: Paperback Rating: 5 stars Quote from the book: 'There would be no dressing up as a maid. No cyanide slipped into his crystal glass of mineral water. The Fuhrer’s death... Continue Reading →

Illuminae (The Illuminae Case Files 01)

“Interviewer: So. Tell me about your mother. Ezra: You're taping this, right? Interviewer: Audio only. Camera is faulty. Ezra: Okay, well for the benefit of the sight-impaired, I am now raising my… oh, dear… yes, it's my MIDDLE finger at Mr. Postgrad here. Interviewer: Mr. Mason... Ezra: Now I'm wiggling it. Interviewer: Terminating interview at 13:58 on 03/19/75. Ezra: Look at it wiggl- -audio ends-” Courtesy of ‘Illuminae’ Book 1 of the ‘Illuminae Files’

Another Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello! It's Melia here and yes, I have another Sunshine Blogger Award! I love writing these sort of posts so I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Thank you, Book Dragon 1017 for nominating us! What is one quote you try to live by? I don't really try to live by any quotes but I do love all those... Continue Reading →


*Before we begin, we would like to state that The Immortal Readers received this book as an ARC. Getting this book as a PDF and as an ARC does not affect our views on this book.* Welcome back to- *shouting* *other argument sounds* Okay, well apparently, I am not allowed to use the 'Welcome back 'phrase... Continue Reading →

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