UH oh.... I have a feeling this post is going to be interesting! Hello Immortals, its Ally here with more bookish fun! So, today I'll be doing Rip it or Ship it! If you don't know how this game works, basically I cut up a bunch of character names and threw them into a hat.... Continue Reading →


  GOOD EVENING AND SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! THE TRAILER FOR EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING IS FINALLY HERE, AND It's INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! So far, it looks like the movie producers haven't pulled a Percy Jackson on us, and the casting is amazing!!!! THEY MAKE SUCH AN ADORABLE COUPLE and I can't stop talking about the trailer. So, here are some pictures:... Continue Reading →

Story Time! (Stalking Authors)

Hellloo! This is Laurena with a new post! (What took you so long?) This initiative is dedicated to Tara, who probably became a die-hard fan of our blog... most likely because she recommended Fullmetal Alchemist to me and I loved it... But her advice and help are invaluable right now and I don't know what... Continue Reading →

Book Club: Fangirl Review

Hello, Immortals! It's Ally here (and other… people) with our first group post ever! My chosen colour for these kinda posts is red! Yay! Firre! Pew pew! As this is a new initiative, we would greatly appreciate all feedback that would help us make these monthly chats better! Haha, calm down, Ally. Hello, and this... Continue Reading →

We are one year old!

Oh my gosh! Is this really happening? We turned one! Random stats: Views: 5912 Follows: 267 Likes: 1240 Comments: 422 Visitors: 1969 (As of 20:08, NSW, Australia.) We would like to thank each and every one of you as you all made this amazing blog come to life. We couldn't be here without all of... Continue Reading →

Tag: One Lovely Blogger Award

Hello world! We are baaack! I was nominated for this tag by  Eva with n (hello world is anybody here). Check out her blog! It's really cool. The rules are: Post about the award Share 7 facts about yourself Nominate at most 15 people Tell your nominees the good news! My facts: I am a... Continue Reading →


Hello Immortals! So, since we haven't posted in ages, I decided to write a quick post just to present a few posts scheduled for the upcoming weeks! 🙂 We have a looooot of reviews coming out this month, including: January's Immortal Book Club Post: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell February's Immortal Book Club Post:  The IntuitiveS... Continue Reading →

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