Tag: The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello! We may or may not being going AWOL after this! We are participating in NaNoWriMo this year, so, as the next month is November, writing combined with schoolwork= a total nightmare for the creators of this blog. So, massive apologies, and we will try to post at least a couple of times! And, I... Continue Reading →

Book Tag: The Secret Life of a Book Blogger

Hello! It's Melia here with another book tag! I am so tired right now. I got off a very long flight last night and I am so jet lagged and there will be a lot of spelling mistakes in this post. *yawning* Anyway, we were tagged by Cassiopeia's Moon and we haven't done a tag in a... Continue Reading →

Celebrating The Little Things Tag

Hello! It's Melia here with a tag! We were tagged by Alyssa @ Book Huntress' World. (Thanks, Alyssa!) 1. Who was your very first follower? If you can still find it out then tag them and give them a shout out! Our first follower was Olive Reads and Does Other Stuff. But, her blog is incapacitated so...... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Book Recommendations

Hello! It's Laurena, Melia and Ally here and we have some fantasy book recommendations for you! Fantasy is our favourite genre by far and this list would be miles long if we didn't limit ourselves. We will give a brief reason of why we recommend the books. In no particular order... Throne of Glass by... Continue Reading →

Survey on TIR posting

Hey everyone! We will be doing one of these every so often, just to see what you all think! This is all anonymous. Help TIR Improve This will only take a couple minutes, since it is only 9 questions long! Thanks for taking the time to read our blog! ~The Immortal Readers

Book Review: History’s Prisoners (Invasion #1)

*Before we begin, we would like to state that The Immortal Readers received this book as an ARC. Getting this book as a PDF and as an ARC does not affect our views on this book.* General Information: Pages: Unknown Genre: Sci-Fi Series: Invasion Author: James Garmisch Publisher: Smashwords Edition Source: ARC ISBN: 9781370789801 Release Date: October 8th, 2016 Book Format: PDF Rating: 4... Continue Reading →

Top EoS Quotes

Hello my lovelies! Remember Top 15 Favourite Throne of Glass (Series) Quotes!? Well, I was looking through the blog the other day, and I saw that post. I thought, why not do one for Empire of Storms? I mean, it was incredible so... Let us begin! I was going to do 15 quotes but then I... Continue Reading →

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