TOWER OF DAWN (Sarah J. Maas)

HELLLOOOOOO!   AHHHH SARAH J MAAS COVER REVEAL! T 😱😱😱😱😱   Yeah. Anyway, we haven't posted, so a) letting all of you know that ToD cover reveal comes out tomorrow and b) the blurb of this (surely) absolutely amazing SJM book! Blurb: (GoodReads) Chaol Westfall has always defined himself by his unwavering loyalty, his strength,... Continue Reading →



Hello! My name is Ally and today I'm back with another movie review! *action movie sound effects* Today I'll be reviewing.... WONDER WOMAN! Holy heck was this movie amazing! if you came here to see some negative hate happening, then I am so sorry, because you are one day early. Monday is tomorrow, guys. But... Continue Reading →

#TBR Problems

Hello! It's Laurena here! Remember when I used to post like, three times a week? Yeah... Sorry! It ain't happening anytime soon! But, you know, here's a post to pull you over the void that is our posting dates! So, on an arbitrary note, we will be at the Sydney's Writers Festival, so if any... Continue Reading →

Where To Find Us Online!

Hello, everyone! It is Ally again with another post! So today, I'd thought it would be nice to show you guys where you can find us online- Instagram, Gmail and etc. We love chatting with all of you and so this might help us communicate a little better! Let's get started! WordPress: Hi! This... Continue Reading →

Books I Really Want To Read: Part Two

Hey everyone! It's Melia here with another post (finally). I was looking through some old posts (Hopefully, we aren't as cringey anymore. We probably are...) and I was inspired to write another "books I really want to read" post because there are a lot of them. I've narrowed this list down to 5 books so this... Continue Reading →

Draekora By Lynette Noni- ARC Review!!!!

  General Information Pages: Unknown Genre: Fantasy Series: The Medoran Chronicles Author: Lynette Noni Publisher: Pantera Press Source: Giveaway ISBN: Unknown. Date Published: 1st April 2017 Format: Paperback Rating: Four stars- 87% Quote From Reviewer: Everything I expected- and more! Draekora made me cry, laugh and gasp at all the right moments, keeping me on the edge of my seat... Continue Reading →

What do you want to read on TIR?

Hellooooo... In a minor bout of self-consciousness, we created a survey to find out what you want to read on our blog. I think this is really important because there is no point of having a blog if no one reads it and because if you want to read something, we won't waste time blogging something... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Thousandth Floor

It's Melia here with a book review. Sorry about the lack of posting recently. We will try and stay on top of our blogging schedule from now on! (Probably won't last long 😬) General Information: Pages: 448 Genre: Futuristic, sci-fi Series: The Thousandth Floor Author: Katharine McGee Publisher: Harper Collins Source: Bought ISBN: 9780008179977 Release Date: August 30th 2016 Book Format: Paperback Rating: 5/5 Synopsis... Continue Reading →

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