Book Review: Queens of Geek

General Information Pages: 288 Genre: Contemporary Series: Stand-alone Author: Jen Wilde Publisher: Swoon Reads Source: Bought ISBN: 1250111390 Date Published:  Format: Paperback Rating: 4.5 stars- 90% Hey! It's Melia and I haven't posted in almost four months. I'm just going to start the review because that's the whole point of this post so yeah. Queens of Geek was flipping fantastic. It had everything I could... Continue Reading →


Responding To The Immortal Reader’s Search Results!

Buckle up, because it's about to get strange... Hello! My name is Ally and today I'll be answering The Immortal Reader's Search Results! Now I'm not exactly sure how search results work, mind you, but Cait over at Paper Fury did a similar post and I thought it would be fun to write one for... Continue Reading →


The Intuitives By Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown RELEASE DATE: 25th July Laurena- Hello, guys! We have been absent… and yes, we are sorry. But… school. Rowing. I think the teachers feel obliged to swamp us with assessments and homework…  *crying noises* As a result, reading has to happen on the train. Or on... Continue Reading →

TOWER OF DAWN (Sarah J. Maas)

HELLLOOOOOO!   AHHHH SARAH J MAAS COVER REVEAL! T 😱😱😱😱😱   Yeah. Anyway, we haven't posted, so a) letting all of you know that ToD cover reveal comes out tomorrow and b) the blurb of this (surely) absolutely amazing SJM book! Blurb: (GoodReads) Chaol Westfall has always defined himself by his unwavering loyalty, his strength,... Continue Reading →


Hello! My name is Ally and today I'm back with another movie review! *action movie sound effects* Today I'll be reviewing.... WONDER WOMAN! Holy heck was this movie amazing! if you came here to see some negative hate happening, then I am so sorry, because you are one day early. Monday is tomorrow, guys. But... Continue Reading →

#TBR Problems

Hello! It's Laurena here! Remember when I used to post like, three times a week? Yeah... Sorry! It ain't happening anytime soon! But, you know, here's a post to pull you over the void that is our posting dates! So, on an arbitrary note, we will be at the Sydney's Writers Festival, so if any... Continue Reading →

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