Poetry Piece

Hey, guys!  I wrote this years ago, and when I edited it, I thought it was pretty good, so I have decided to write it here!  Being surrounded by poets as I grew up, I love poetry, so I had stab number two at writing. My first attempt can be found here. (Poetry Draft (Please comment))... Continue Reading →

Interview With a Fangirl…What Could go wrong?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a fangirl's mind? Well, here is some insight: *Warning: Most fangirls are a LOT more sane than we have portrayed with Lucy* Interviewer: Good morning Miss Herondale. How are you today? Lucy: (mutters something incomprehensible) Interviewer: Pardon Me? Lucy: Mundane fool. Interviewer: How... nice of you. Now... Continue Reading →

Poetry Draft (Please comment)

Hello everyone! I had a crack at writing a poem and I have no idea how it turned out... So if you could please give me feedback in the comments, it would be appreciated greatly! Thanks, Laurena 😊 Lead, the world may be ending but lives are just beginning. Words mean nothing, Inferior to technology... Continue Reading →

Poem Writing 101

How good are you at writing poems? The other day, I had a go at it and I don't know how I went... so, if it is good, please continue reading because I will outline just how to write a good poem. If terrible, please say so in the comments so I can hopefully improve...... Continue Reading →

Discussion: Fantasy

How useful is fantasy? This fabulous discussion topic is brought to you by my English teacher! Fantasy to me is my world. I read many genre's but I would have to say that fantasy is definitely my favourite. But, this begs a question. How useful is fantasy? In 2014, the most read books for children were... Continue Reading →

How to write a stronger character

~Laurena😇😋 To write a stronger character, you must write about a character who is physically strong. Right? Wrong. That is what I always thought. I have spent my premature writing life on making character's strong. Then, I read the Iron Trial. Call is a young boy with a broken and twisted leg. I was immediately... Continue Reading →

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