We are one year old!

Oh my gosh! Is this really happening? We turned one! Random stats: Views: 5912 Follows: 267 Likes: 1240 Comments: 422 Visitors: 1969 (As of 20:08, NSW, Australia.) We would like to thank each and every one of you as you all made this amazing blog come to life. We couldn't be here without all of... Continue Reading →


Dear Readers, Thank you for the past nine months (or so). It's been a crazy journey!!! This year we had many pleasant and unpleasant surprises such as the American Election, Book releases and many movie adaptations! This Christmas we would like to give a particular shoutout to our friends, Izzy and Karenza, or you may... Continue Reading →

One last word.

This isn't a review,tag or recommendation. The words below are my own and I take full responsibility for them. One.Last.Word. I often wonder what I will say on my death bed. Maybe a joke like: 'I hid a million dollars in the-' or perhaps even a heroic saying: 'I welcome death with open arms.' I... Continue Reading →

100 Followers and Q&A!

Oh my gosh! Is this really happening? Thank you guys so so so much! You helped us gainΒ 100 followers! You guys are the best! To celebrate, we are proposing a Q&A post. To submit any questions, go to the Q&A page (found at the top of the home page) and submit a question by commenting.... Continue Reading →

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