Top Ten Tuesdays: Favourite Authors

Hello! It’s Laurena here! As attested, the pattern of the Top Ten Tuesday’s is Melia, Laurena then Ally.

Note: IT IS FINALLY HOLIDAY’S FOR US! I am going skiing! What are you doing this holiday’s? Please tell me in the comments!

Note 2: This will be for Tuesday the 5th of July… It’s late!

Ok. On with the show!

  1. Cassandra Clare. Who doesn’t love Cassie? And Jace… And Will… And Simon… And Alec…
  2. Rick Riordan. Three characters: Percy, Leo, Annabeth.
  3. Sarah J. Maas. ROWAN! I am sure Ally could attest… She has been texting me (everyone) all week about Rowan. ‘___, I heard you met a boy! Is he cute? As awesome as Rowan? I know you think he is cute and he looks like Rowan. Yes, you said he had dark hair but honestly, I picture him as Rowan.’ Yep. Welcome to my world.
  4. Kiera Cass. Do I need to say more?!
  5. Maria V. Snyder. Her plots… Her four series… My love… jfghfjkighfj. Oooo! Poison!
  6. Alexandra Bracken. Etta!
  7. Marie Rutoski. Her name has ‘ski’ in it. Also, Arin…
  8. Sarah Alderson. Review for her books, Conspiracy Girl, The Sound, Losing Lila and Out of Control coming soon! Then, read the books! You will understand… Also, Book Review: Hunting Lila
  9. Amy Tintera. RUINED! Review coming soon! Reboot, Rebel, reviews also coming soon! (I am going to be busy!)
  10. Rick Yancey. Die in pain.

Yep, that’s me! Since Ally, Melia and I are on a novel writing spree, with 115 pages, 73 pages and 34 pages, we will not be posting as frequently. Also, holidays!

Also, I have started writing fanfiction! How would you guys feel if we started posting it? Yes? No? Please reply in the comments!

Au revoir!


Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite 2016 Releases So Far

Hello fabulous readers! It is Melia here, and we are going to be doing Top Ten Tuesday each Tuesday from now on. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Please note that we may miss a few weeks due to school or other things that clog up our lives, but we will try our best to get them posted on Tuesdays.

How we are going to do this

Since their are three of us, we will take turns doing Top Ten Tuesday each week. I will do one, then Laurena, then Ally. If one of us can’t write the post for some reason, then person who is writing next time will do it instead.

Was that confusing? It sounds confusing to me.

Anyway, this weeks topic is Favourite 2016 Releases So Far. 

In no particular order…

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