Books I am Reading!

Hello, fabulous readers! It's Melia and I am ready for holidays. I was going to write this post earlier but I had to do some last minute assessment work. What am I reading? The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGee Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (I read this one,ages ago so I thought I would read... Continue Reading →

Summer TBR Wipeout: Update #1 (Laurena)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! When I logged into the blog this arvo, I noticed that Melia had posted her first update. I then realised that I needed to do that as well. So, without further ado, I will begin my first update! (Be warned, I have read a lot of books so this will be... Continue Reading →

Summer TBR Wipeout: Update #1

Hello! It's Melia here with my Summer TBR Wipeout Update post! I have been doing so much reading lately but, for us, school goes back in two days. Goodbye reading, hello homework. I am still very determined to read the TBR I have set for myself, but it is going to get more and more... Continue Reading →

June TBR

Hello readers! It is us, Ally, Laurena and Melia and today we have our June TBRs. Since this is a little bit late, we will not be listing what we read in May, but we promise, next month we will recount our June reads. Just a disclaimer, we go to the library more than we... Continue Reading →

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