That Pesky TBR Pile Dominating The Room

Hello readers! It is Laurena here! Sorry we have been absent, we had a Science assessment due (on my birthday!), and English assessment due on the last Wednesday of term, a Geography test to study for, an Art assessment to prepare, a Technology assessment... You get the drift! Too much schoolwork... But, as it is almost... Continue Reading →

How to Irritate a Bookworm

Us, book nerds are usually kind, calm creatures (note the word usually) but if you irritate us don't expect us to act as sweet as we do when we are telling you about our favourite book. Here are some things that drive us mad... When someone says they hate reading and that you prefer to watch... Continue Reading →

Book Borrowing Problems… Help!

Hello Readers! It is Melia here and I am writing a discussion post about borrowing too many books from the library. So, you know how bookworms often say things like, "I buy way too many books!" or "I have a book buying problem!" Yeah, I do have a book buying problem, but I go to my... Continue Reading →

Discussion: Fantasy

How useful is fantasy? This fabulous discussion topic is brought to you by my English teacher! Fantasy to me is my world. I read many genre's but I would have to say that fantasy is definitely my favourite. But, this begs a question. How useful is fantasy? In 2014, the most read books for children were... Continue Reading →

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