Writing Blog #1+ Exciting announcment

Hey there friends! (See! I have friends! Wow, that sounded really sad.) 

So… you may be thinking, why the heck am I so bad at staying to a weekly posting schedule on here? Great question! The answer is…


This may come as a surprise, but I actually do have hobbies that don’t involve blogging. Its a shocker, I KNOW.  Anyway, one thing that I love with all my heart, is writing. So, to commemorate this, I’d thought it would be fun to start a new series! Let’s call it ‘The Writing Blog’. For now at least. And, to kick it off, I thought I would start out by giving you guys a little insight into my writing life. Let’s begin!

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 11.55.38 am

1. What genre is your favourite to write about?

*laughs nervously* Fantasy. But like, I’m totally chill about it. *I trip backwards and the cupboard door opens, revealing thousands of Sarah j. maas books. I was not chill about it*

2. Name three authors you aspire to be like

  1. Mary Shelley. I mean, the girl practically invented her own genre. What a queen!
  2. Sarah J Maas. I know, I was surprised as well.  This is also because she started writing young and in high school, which is similar to my own experiences.
  3.  Alexandra Adornetto. She published two whole series in her teenage years, which is just wow, might I say.

3. What history in writing do you have?

Well, I won a Grammy, so does that count? Kidding. I actually started writing in year two, when I wrote my first mystery book. It was about twenty pages (handwritten!! I was a hardcore seven-year-old.) and was basically a spin-off from the Scooby Doo franchise. Which I love to this day; no shame there.

Anyway, after this, I took a break from writing and found Harry Potter and then Throne of Glass a few years later. For starry-eyed, ten years old me, Celeana was basically a goddess and that was how I came to ask for a pair of swords for my birthday. Sadly, I was declined. 

From there, I began to slowly write more and more and then one day I started a book about a spy named Mila. That ended up being about twenty-thousand words when I dropped it, no longer liking the direction the plot went in. Then, in a few year later, I met up with a couple of writing buddies and a new book idea began to pan out. And, the rest, as they say, is history. Or not. Because, you know, I’m still young. And extremely unbothered by putting the words ‘because’ and ‘and’ at the beginning of a sentence. If you listen closely, you can hear my English teacher tearing her hair out. (I promise I can write well! Just not on here… or with grammar… or with spelling… I definitely can’t do maths either.)



With that lovely note, let’s get to my exciting announcement:

I WROTE A BOOK!!! (rou


Geez, this party sounds like the Hunger Games. Which is a real killer. Get it? Killer?

* Laurena facepalms*

Anyway, yes! I wrote a book! In the early months of 2016, I wrote the first 30,000 word draft of a Fantasy YA book. Then, in the June holidays, I later scrapped all of these words and wrote another entire first draft with a similar premise, totalling 100,000 words.

It was mind-blowing. 

I still can’t believe that I finally wrote characters that had meant so much to me and felt like family.

“What happened next?!!!” I hear you say. Well, imaginary me, let me tell you.

So, after writing 100,000 words of what I thought was brilliance, I started to edit the book.

Let me say now, that writing the first draft looks like this: 


giphy (40)


Editing the first draft, however, looks a little more like this:


Yeah. It was tough to find out that I wasn’t automatically going to be the next J. K Rowling, but I persevered and came out with FTA (That’s the acronym I’m going for with this), Draft 3. If you count the 30,000 words that went nowhere. 

Then, I emailed the book out to my amazing friend, Siri, *insert shout-out here* and she gave me some well-needed feedback. I took it in my stride and then went back to the drawing board, going through another round of edits. After that, I finally decided to look for a beta-reader/ editor and found the amazing Izzy, one half of the Karabelle duo. Also known as our guest fan-fiction writers. (Find more about it here) *

[Message from Karabelle admin: “Hey guys! We apologise profusely to anyone who cared about our fanfics, for the lack of updates, but at this stage, it will probably not be finished. Apologies!”]

She’s been incredible in helping to make FTA better and that’s where my book is currently. In submission. For exciting things!

But, as a lot of you guys would know, the literary world involves a huge chunk of waiting. So, even buried under a pile of schoolwork, I got bored. 

And so I decided to write another book. (As you do)

I’m casual, guys. Completely and utterly sane. 

Which brings us right up to now! Looking back, its been a crazy whirlwind and making this blog has made me realise just how far I’ve come, which I really needed today. As far as weekends go, this one hasn’t exactly been awesome. Sometimes you need a little reminder of the progress you’ve made. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 11.55.38 am

So, to conclude, I’m currently on submission for FTA and in the middle of writing my newest project, which I might share more about next time! If you guys have any questions, leave them below and I’ll answer them in my next writing blog! Thank you so much for dealing with my ramble-y enthusiasm and word vomit!

Until next Monday,

Ally xx



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