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Undoubtedly, Graevale was one of my top books of 2017, so it comes as no surprise that I rated it five stars. Part of why I loved it so much is because Graevale has much darker undertones compared to the rest of the series and actively wrestles with failure as a theme, something we I don’t often come across in YA. But a major part was Kailex, let’s be honest. They are #relationship goals and Graevale certainly has many Kailex moments. 

Combined with the dark moments, there was still plenty of lighthearted moments and sass (as always), which made reading and reviewing Graevale such an utter delight. But, before we get to the review*, I made a quick survival guide that I believe every fan of the Medoran Chronicles would agree with. I hope you like it as much as I do!

*Mild spoilers for Akarnae, Raelia and Draekora. The review also contains hints at themes and message depicted throughout Graevale.

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  • Tissues
  • Blankets
  • Water (You’ve got to stay hydrated throughout the tears) 
  • Cake. 
  • Lots of cake.
  • Just eat cake in general. 


-Create a nest of blankets and ready cake and water.

-Read Graevale. 



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-SUCH EMOTION??? Okay but honestly, Graevale never ceased to amaze me with the way it handled emotion, failure and love. Kudos to Lynette for writing such beautiful description and such realistic characters. 

-REALISTIC PTSD. Whilst I have never experienced PTSD for myself, I have read a number of reviews by people who have and I feel that Graevale handled the thoughts and feelings of someone with the condition, incredibly well. The level of understanding towards the subject was similar (in my opinion) to that of A Court of Mist and Fury, which is often praised for its handling of the same issue. So the realistic and understanding way PTSD was written in Graevale is a huge positive!

-LOTS OF LAUGHTER AND ALSO STABBING. Once again, I am going back on the FBI watchlist for my discussion of weaponry, but honestly, I love fight scenes in books. They add so much excitement and a certain type of thrilling energy. Another great thing is that whilst Graevale is dark, it isn’t overpowering and there are a number of light-hearted laughter scenes. 

-KAILEX. I think that basically explains itself. We get to see so much more of the ship we all love and also find out more about Kaiden’s mysterious backstory. Not gonna lie, you will need tissues.

-A DARKER VERSION OF ALEX? This is will sound kind of bad, but I love that we get to see a broken Alex in Graevale. Whilst it was sometimes hard, watching her struggle with her decisions and the massive task ahead added even more realism to the story. She has been through so much and it was only a matter of time before she finally let all of her emotions out. All of these moments made her more realistic and relatable and added to the story as a whole.

-THE ENTIRE BOOK. What can I say? I really love The Medoran Chronicles. 


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-I HAD MY FREAKING HEART TORN OUT OF MY CHEST. Graevale is pain. Its good pain, but its pain. Which explains why I was sobbing on the floor at 2 am. Don’t do it, kids. Stabbing me in the kneecap would have been way kinder (that may be an over-exaggeration).

-THE ADULTS AND TREATMENT OF ALEX. With every book there is always a small aspect of dislike and the main one I found for Graevale was the treatment of Alex.  I should clarify, my problem isn’t with Alex, but rather how everyone looks down at her whilst simultaneously looking up to her, if that makes sense. They expect her to save them and at the same time don’t try to help her at all. 

-ALEX’S PARENTS. I think I may have written this in my last review, but I have never been a huge fan of Alex’s parents. I don’t want them dead or anything (Alex does not need to lose anyone else. The poor kid.), but I do wish they were either more active (I.e, I highly doubt my parents would be chill about me taking down a psycho killer), or completely absent. 

-AVEN. Here, I found a gif to sum up my feelings about him:


After Draekora I thought maybe we could save him, but Aven has gone too far and what he does in Graevale is unforgivable. So let’s just say I won’t miss him too badly. 

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And that brings us to the end of the review! Graevale really was such a delight to read but now I’m extremely worried, because:


All in all, I am ecstatic (and slightly terrified) to read the next book in the series, We Three Heroes, which has been told to bridge the gap between Graevale and the last book. And don’t get me started on the last book in series. Let’s just say I’m stocking up on tissues and cake. 


Thank you all for reading as always and I’ll see you next Monday! 

-Ally xx

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Have you read Graevale? What did you think?

Share your thoughts below!*

*Please no spoilers!


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