The Intuitives By Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown


Laurena- Hello, guys! We have been absent… and yes, we are sorry. But… school. Rowing. I think the teachers feel obliged to swamp us with assessments and homework…  *crying noises*

As a result, reading has to happen on the train. Or on the bus. So, we are so sorry. We cannot promise that we will be posting three times a week because of life. It happens.  😀 

Either way, the Intuitive comes out 25th July 2017 and the amazing publishers, Trash Dog Media, supplied us with three copies. (Aren’t they amazing? Three cheers, readers!) Ally, Melia, want to say anything else?

Ally- Hello! Like Laurena said, I would just like to say a massive, massive thank you to the wonderful people behind Trash Dog Media! They were absolutely amazing in getting this incredible book shipped all the way to us Down Under! So this month (June) we picked up The Intuitives as our book of the month! Stay tuned for a post regarding what the next month will be! 

Melia- Hey! It’s Melia here and Laurena and Ally have basically said everything so I’ll just sort of repeat what Laurena said. Sorry!! Thank you again to Trash Dog Media for sending us this fabulous book to read and review! 

Speaking of the book, I loved it! It was one heck of a ride and was unlike anything I’d ever read! I loved, loved, loved the scientific and magical elements behind the plot and all the depth that is sewn throughout. I can promise that the Intuitives will not be disappointing in that manner.

However, as always, with every book, there are slight issues. Whilst I really enjoyed the clever and intelligent wit of the authors, I found a certain case of insta-love appeasing. One of the things I dislike in books is insta-love (where characters meet each other and Bam! they fall in love.)  and so this was a let down in the romance area. Also, it would have added a lot more to the plot if the characters personalities had been expanded on and this romance had been developed slowly. But on a positive note, if I had to compare this book to any book that currently exists, it reminds me of the Percy Jackson books. Anyone who liked or loved these books will definitely find the Intuitives and enticing and delightful read!

Flaws, I found, were liberally spread throughout the book, like that thick, gelatinous coating of butter on fresh bread that no one wants. One big one I found was the PoV’s. Even with third person views so it isn’t as confusing, I found that reading six different PoV’s were far too many! Especially as, at the beginning of the book, we had all six PoV’s in a row, and that went on for about… I don’t know… 82 pages? It was a good introduction, and I loved meeting the characters, but 82 pages of comments about a wacko test? Too much of an introduction, I thought. Also on the PoV’s point, I thought that because of the 82 pages, the authors thought that, since they had adequately introduced the characters and their personalities, they could kind of just drop the subject of personalities. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the initial depth, but when it dropped off, I stopped knowing the characters. In continuation, I loved this book. I thought it was amazingly thought out… but, (there’s that dreaded word. We all knew it would make an appearance at some point!) I didn’t feel. I travelled. I brainstormed. I solved mysteries. But I didn’t feel.

Laurena makes a good point towards the emotional side of the book however, there were lovely emotional moments where the characters connected, and hopefully, we’ll see these characters being built on in the next book. Melia, anything else? 

I really loved all of the characters and how they developed throughout the book. As soon as I opened it, I was hooked by the plot and meeting each character individually was great. It makes me feel much more connected to the characters while getting into the story. The characters relationships all evolved very quickly (romantic and friendly). I personally enjoyed the PoV’s though I can see why Laurena didn’t. There were lots of them which, at times, got a bit confusing, but I found them really effective for the novel. (I sound like I’m writing an essay, don’t I?)

Again, thank you so much to Trash Dogs Media! The Intuitives comes out in July (25th) for all of you who want to go read it! Overall, this was an exciting and thrilling read and you should be sure to check it out!!

-Ally, Laurena and Melia xx

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  1. I can see Laurena isn’t pulling any punches there!… from ‘Aren’t they amazing? Three cheers, readers!’ to ‘Flaws, I found, were liberally spread throughout the book, like that thick, gelatinous coating of butter on fresh bread that no one wants.’… soooooo……

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