Hello! My name is Ally and today I’m back with another movie review! *action movie sound effects*

Today I’ll be reviewing…. WONDER WOMAN! Holy heck was this movie amazing! if you came here to see some negative hate happening, then I am so sorry, because you are one day early. Monday is tomorrow, guys.

But in all seriousness, this movie was so good from the costumes, to the set, and even the music! All of it. Amazing!

giphy (17).gif

This review will not be spoilery, so go ahead and grab yourselves some popcorn and take a sit for another great post from the Immortal Readers! Not that I’m biased or anything… *hides the infinity symbol on my t-shirt* No….. not biased at all…



On an island where men are not only completely useless but also do not exist, comes Diana, Princess of the AMAZONS! Together, these band of women train, readying themselves for a coming war. Then one sunny, perfect day, an aircraft from World War One falls from the sky and crashes off the coast of the island. With it, comes the truth that the war they had been preparing for may be fast approaching and upon them far sooner than they had imagined. Together, Diana and the pilot of the aircraft set off to stop the war and finish it once and for all.


If that doesn’t spark your interest, how about this?

  • Diana (Wonder Woman) is played by an Israeli actress.
  • It was directed by a female named Patty Jenkins.
  • It has blown out the box office, breaking dozens of records.
  • It’s the first real movie with a female superhero to have ever made such a big impact.
  • It has awesome fighting scenes, hot guy(s) and amazing music!


Literally, the only thing I really can say is that everyone should watch Wonder Woman. It’s one of those movies you will remember for a long time after. It not only lives up to the incredibly high hype, but it blows past it, effectively shattering the glass ceiling in the film industry. Wonder Woman honestly made me so proud to be a female and I left the cinema feeling like I too could stab a few people in the throat. Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the point.


In conclusion, please go see Wonder Woman and tell me what you think! If I don’t discuss it with someone, I might actually combust… so… there is your motivation! Overall, I award WONDER WOMAN a steady five stars and I would see it again. And again. And again! Thanks for reading guys and I’ll see you again soon with another post!

-Ally xxx



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  1. Hey Guys, Just wondering when the new post would be! Because I’m totally not just sitting… waiting…
    Are you kidding? Of course I don’t actively check this blog then be disappointed… frequently…

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