Where To Find Us Online!

Hello, everyone! It is Ally again with another post! So today, I’d thought it would be nice to show you guys where you can find us online- Instagram, Gmail and etc. We love chatting with all of you and so this might help us communicate a little better!

Let’s get started!



Hi! This is where all three of us hang and write our collective posts. This part is kinda irrelevant though, as you are already here 🙂



Whilst our WordPress account is monitored and looked at by all three of us, I (Ally) tend to run our Instagram. This is because both Melia and Laurena don’t have the app and so I post the pictures and run that aspect of our social media! 😀


On Goodreads, we all have an account and I’ll link them below.

Ally’s Goodreads

Laurena’s Goodreads

Melia’s Goodreads


Laurena: laurena.theimmortalreaderss@gmail.com (please note, there are two ‘s’)

Melia: melia.theimmortalreaders@gmail.com

Ally: ally.theimmortalreaders@gmail.com

All of us: theimmortalreaders3@gmail.com

Youtube (Or rather booktube)

Coming soon! We hope!

Comment below and tell us where we can find you on social media and we’ll do our best to follow you as well! 😀


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