Draekora By Lynette Noni- ARC Review!!!!



General Information

  • Pages: Unknown
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Series: The Medoran Chronicles
  • Author: Lynette Noni
  • Publisher: Pantera Press
  • Source: Giveaway
  • ISBN: Unknown.
  • Date Published: 1st April 2017
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rating: Four stars- 87%
  • Quote From Reviewer: Everything I expected- and more! Draekora made me cry, laugh and gasp at all the right moments, keeping me on the edge of my seat until the incredible, breath-taking finale.

Hello, Immortals! It’s Ally here today with another review! Before I get started, though, I would personally like to thank the wonderful team at Pantera Press for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this amazing book! Not to mention Lynette Noni (The author of Akarnae, Raelia and Draekora) herself, who is the nicest person when it comes to crazed fan comments! I’m so excited to meet her and all the other book bloggers at the launch for Draekora, which will be held on the 1st of April! Details can be found here:


Hope to see you guys there!

So, with all that excitement aside, let’s get to reviewing! Ah, who am I kidding? The review will probably be just as exciting, or just as illegible… sorry!

*Please note:

All thoughts, feels and opinions are my own.

*Please note #2:

Mild Spoilers Ahead for books 1 and 2! I tried my very best to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but in some cases, it just wasn’t possible.

My Thoughts:

The Medoran Chronicles. Full of wonder, action, love and betrayal. So, you would expect the third book to be good. But it wasn’t. It was better! (I got you there, didn’t I!) Draekora blew me away. Whilst Akarnae was a magical, unique tale, Draekora was so, so much more. In fact, the only reason I wasn’t able to give it five stars was purely based on the fact that I would’ve liked more of all the characters and just more in general! Dragons? Tick. Sass? Tick. Humour? Tick. Magic Carpets? Technically the Valispath counts… so tick! I laughed, I cried (Mascara. Everywhere.) and I gasped. All of my notes I took were scrawled because I was so desperate to finish. It was so great to read a good book again- especially after the disaster that was ‘the Edge of Everything’ (negative and frustrated review to follow). I actually found a few pictures of me whilst reading….

giphy (15)

raw (3).gif

I know what you’re thinking- “Hey Ally, when did you cut your hair? It looks fabulous!” Why thank you. Or possibly “Those glasses really suit you!” You are too kind!

Well, it was either that or gross happy tears for the characters, but you get the idea. What I loved the most about this book, however, was the world building. We get to see some much more of Medora and the backstory behind (blank) and the potential reason why he has so much hatred for (blank). We get to see so much character development between all of the characters, but there was still no Kaiden! I myself am a massive shipper of the ship that is… shippable (these spoilers are really making me sweat) and to say that I was disappointed that he didn’t appear at all in this book is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, he is certainly mentioned, and we have so many new characters introduced that It was hard to feel any negative feelings at all, but I would love to see more of him in book four. No scrap that, I have to see more of him in book four!

In conclusion, Draekora is… incredible. I was so close to giving It five stars if only I had been able to see more of my favourite characters. Not to mention the Dragons! Overall, I would rate this book four stars with an 87% and would highly recommend! If you haven’t read the series, I would definitely encourage you to! Draekora By Lynette Noni comes out on April 1st!

Here is my review of the first book in the series!

Akarnae- Medoran Chronicles One

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.58.38 pm.png


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