What do you want to read on TIR?


In a minor bout of self-consciousness, we created a survey to find out what you want to read on our blog. I think this is really important because there is no point of having a blog if no one reads it and because if you want to read something, we won’t waste time blogging something that you won’t read.

So what we write is up to you. Please answer honestly, and we will try to cater to allow you to read what you would like to read.

What would you like to read on TIR?


SHERLOCK!!!!! (Cue Melia rolling her eyes because she hasn’t seen Sherlock and has had to deal with Laurena and Ally’s fangirling for far too long because hey! it has been happening for ages.)

~The Immortal Readers


5 thoughts on “What do you want to read on TIR?

Add yours

    1. Yes. I am currently working on a new story time, and a new post that one of the people who filled out the survey suggested, which is basically a debate about the pros and cons of a book (set out in a proper debate format), the stages of reading, and a post that is sure to ruin one’s childhood (hence why it is called ‘Ruining Your Childhood.’ But y’know. One has to have secrets. Plus, I am watching FMA, and trying to get out of my slump so I can actually do something with my life.


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