UH oh…. I have a feeling this post is going to be interesting! Hello Immortals, its Ally here with more bookish fun! So, today I’ll be doing Rip it or Ship it! If you don’t know how this game works, basically I cut up a bunch of character names and threw them into a hat. Each round, I will pick two names out of the hat and decide whether to SHIP IT! or RIP-IT. Make sure to comment below and tell me which was your favourite ship! Let’s begin!


And we have…..

Will Herondale and Clary. 

First of all, no. Second of all, absolutely not.

Ship name: Clall? Wiry? I’m working on it.



And we have…OMG!

President Snow and…. Sherlock.


Oh geez- I want to ship them so bad, but at the same time, NEVER, EVER.

Ship name: Snowlock. Awesome ship name, terrible couple.



And we have…

Alex and Alec. 

Hmmmmm…. I honestly can’t decide! If you don’t know, Alex is from the Medoran Chronicles by Lynette Noni (The third book is coming out in April!!!) and Alec is from the Mortal Instruments. I…. I ship it. I have no idea what the ship name will be though…

Ship name: UNDECIDED


And we have….

Aelin and Maven.

No. Sorry. That’s not happening if you’ve read Red Queen. Aelin is one of my bookish best friends, but Maven … he will burn in the fiery dark depths of hell. Sorry Aelin, but you can do better than him.

Ship name: Malin.

STATUS: So brutally ripped, one-half ended up on pluto which is as lonely as Maven will be until he dies. Then he’ll just be dead.


And we have…

Dumbledore and Dimitri. 


I ship it! Dumbledore would be telling Dimitri off for running into a fight and Dimitri would be teasing him that he wasn’t a risk taker. *Realises that isn’t really an insult…*Anyway, I ship it.

Ship name: Dumbletri.


And now we have come to the last round….


And we have…

Mackenzie and Rowan. 

*Sighs* Why in all the nine circles of hell did I ever decide to play this game? Mackenzie is from The Intuitives (Coming out in June!) and Rowan is from Throne of Glass. I’m going to ship it! Mackenzie loves to fight and Rowan is an assassin (of sorts) so I would say it would work! I mean, sure, Mackenzie isn’t immortal or anything, but I reckon they would make a great couple!

Ship name: Rowenzie.


And there we have it, ladies and gentleman- The Rip it or Ship it tag/game! I hope you enjoyed reading this post (I certainly had a lot of fun!), and I’ll see you next time!

-Ally xxx



4 thoughts on “RIP IT OR SHIP IT!

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      1. Yeah but still… She shipped people in this who should never be shipped… And do Ally and Melia ever answer comments? …It’s basically just you…

        (Can you go review FMA now…)

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