10 Struggles of Writing

Hello, everyone!

It’s Melia here today and I have put together a list of struggles that often occur while writing.

So, I noticed that a lot of us, here in the book blogging community, love to write and want to write novels for people to enjoy. Ally, Laurena and I all fit into that category and I am sure a bunch of you do too so I thought that this would be a fun, relatable post to write.

Okay, here we go!

  1. People who don’t think writing is a real job. E.g. Person: What do you want to do with your life?       Me: I want to write books. I have this great idea and–   Person: Oh, I meant real job
  2. This question: “Are you good at writing?”     What are you supposed to say? Answering yes will seem arrogant but answering no won’t make any sense because if you think you want to write a book, you sort of need to be a decent writer. And if you just don’t answer, everything become very awkward. So, in the end you usually reply looks a little like this……………..tumblr_npzz2k7cza1u2aztro1_400
  3. When someone asks what you are writing about and you just can’t explain.                   Person: What’s your story about?       Me: Uh………. It’s… like… It’s complicated
  4. Getting a great idea and planning and writing for days and thinking “I am actually going to be the next J.K.Rowling” and then coming across a plothole which completely ruins everything. 14959201
  5. Getting stuck in the endless spiral which is… The Internet *cue ominous music*
  6. Wanting to write but not knowing what to write about. You know when you are just like, “Yes, I am going to write for hours today and get so much done!” and then you realise that you don’t really like this idea or don’t feel like taking the time to plan something out or….
  7. Writers Block. Enough said
  8. When you’re making a ton of progress and then life gets in the way.                                Me: *writing like crazy*    Mum: Hey, we are going to get three cats, ten dogs and seven birds for you to look after on your own because, why not?            Me: Well, there goes any chance of writing ever again  e60a
  9. Reading a great book.      Me: This. Book. 😍😍😍     Me: Oh my gosh… I will never write something this good…      Me: my life has no purpose…
  10. Listening to music while writing and realising you missed your favourite song because you were too engrossed in what you were writing.  *favourite song starts*       Me: I love this song           *song ends*          Me: Wait, I just missed the whole thing. *sighs* I’ll just play it again               *cycle repeats*


There you have it. A list of 10 writing struggles.

Until next time!


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