*Before we begin, we would like to state that The Immortal Readers received this book as an ARC. Getting this book as a PDF and as an ARC does not affect our views on this book.*

Welcome back to- *shouting* *other argument sounds* Okay, well apparently, I am not allowed to use the ‘Welcome back ‘phrase anymore… because it’s *straining to hear*  Oh. Well, fine then. If my English phrases are too overused, I present to you my NEW intro:

Bonjour Mes Fromage! Je m- oh. So, apparently, ‘fromage’ means ‘cheese’ in french… So …I- that would roughly translate to ‘hello my cheese’.

*clears throat* Um, just start the review already….

But in all seriousness (WOW, I am not good at comedy), my name is Ally and today I’m reviewing Quantum by Hannah Goddard. However, before I begin, allow me to congratulate everyone who participated this year in NANOWRIMO! We ended up raising heaps of money for a brilliant cause and I can’t wait to compete again next year!

Enjoy the review! 😉

General Information: 

  • Pages: 314
  • Genre: Mystery, Action
  • Series: The Quantum Series
  • Author: Hannah Goddard
  • Publisher: City Lights Press
  • Source: E-ARC
  • Release Date: November 15, 2016
  • Book Format: Paperback, Ebook, ARC
  • Age Rating: 13+ (Violence, sexual references and very minor swearing)
  • Percentage Rating: 79% or a 3/5 stars
  • Quote From Reviewer: ‘A witty and enjoyable tale.You haven’t seen anything like it!’


Nothing is more glamorous than the CIA … at least for Clara. All she wants is excitement and adventure, to help people … and to be a part of something bigger than life.

At nineteen, she leaves everything she’s ever had behind to join the CIA with her boyfriend Ross. But when the agency starts to fall away like shattered glass,

Clara and her team get thrown into the biggest mission ever to hit the agency. How will they deal with the pressure?

Clara has all her cards out on the table and she’s trying to keep them all in place … except she can’t hold them all down on her own. She’s trained and she’s ready … but something isn’t right. Is the real way to win the game not to play it, or is the trick not to play it for too long?


Quantum By Hannah Goddard was refreshing right from the first page. It could just be my lack of a wider selection of books recently, but I enjoyed reading a light hearted and clever story- and about the CIA, none the less! Whilst it was centred around the mystery aspect, there were so many moments where I laughed out loud (or LOLed if we’re being professional). The romantic and witty aspect was arranged perfectly to counter the darker themes:

“Someone other than Ross?” I ask.

“I see you two are really in love,” Madison says.

“Oh yeah. I can feel the affection. It’s like being madly in love with a brick wall,” Ross says.

And, the humorous side was the cherry on top-

“I’m kidding, but in all honesty, something always goes wrong on everything we do, please stay safe,” she says, turning around from the front seat to face us.

“We’ll be fine. I know how to swim.” I laugh.

“Well, that’s relieving, but I was more worried about the bullets.”

I also loved the exploration of normalised issues and how they were extremely relatable. Which led to my sister giving me weird looks as I nodded along with the character’s view and opinions.  Although, like most books, this one wasn’t without its flaws.

Sometimes the narrator (Clara) would tell us things that weren’t quite believable and that impacted the plot and the ability to which I could take the book seriously. Also, the plot had some issues of its own, which I hope (fingers crossed!) are solved and explained in the second book, John Doe.

Overall, I liked Quantum despite some minor issues, and I would encourage anyone interested in a different take on YA, to pick it up for some holiday reading!

You can find it here:

And you can add it to your Goodreads TBR here:

-Ally xx



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