Chapter Nine of Skulduggery Pleasant by Karabelle

Hey guys! We have the next chapter! Enjoy! Thanks, Laurena

Chapter 9

Ghastly waved goodbye to Fletcher and a moment later he was gone.

He looked around, taking in his surroundings. Fletcher had dropped him at the edge of the forest at the estate, and he could just see Gordon’s – no, Valkyrie’s – mansion. Ghastly sighed as he remembered the infamous Gordon Edgely. He wrote some good books. He had read quite a few of them.

What he couldn’t see was Tanith. Where was she? He thought. Then Ghastly remembered that she was going to find a picnic spot in the woods. I’ll go and meet her there! He decided happily. Heading towards the tree line, Ghastly wondered how he would actually find her in this massive forest, but he was unable to finish the thought. Barely taking a step, he felt something hard hit him in the back of the head, knocking him into unconsciousness.

When Ghastly woke, he could hear unfamiliar voices surrounding him. They were all men speaking, though one person’s voice was very high, almost like a girl’s. He made sure that his breathing remained steady and slow, as though he were asleep. Listening to the conversation, Ghastly realised that the voices were discussing him.

“You still haven’t answered my question, guys!” Said one of the men, his tone quite shrill. “What are we going do when he wakes up?”

“I already told ya that I dunno, Jim!” This man spoke with a slight Australian accent.

“Well for a start, we should probably tie him up. Look at the muscle on this guy!” The corners of Ghastly’s lips curled into a faint smile at the mention of this. The third man had a smooth voice. “He could overpower the three of us no problem!”

Ghastly smirked. They were right of course, he could beat them up in a heartbeat. They looked like very peculiar people. One short and fat with approximately three chins, one tall and lanky, and the other was rather normal looking, not much muscle on him, but he stood out less than the other two.

“I’m getting nervous,” Jim said shakily, hopping from foot to foot.

“Well, tie him up!” the tall one muttered, a hint of irritation in his voice.

Jim inched towards Ghastly, a rope in his hands. When he reached Ghastly, he was practically shaking. Jim roughly grabbed Ghastly’s arms in a pathetic attempt to lift him.

“Jeez, you’re heavy. I wonder if you’re lighter when you aren’t unconscious?”

Ghastly abruptly sat up, headbutting him in the forehead. “I don’t think so,” Ghastly said as he pushed the blubbery mass of flesh that was Jim, off of him. He stood up and brushed the dirt off his jacket. The tall one and the normal looking one gawked. “Hello,” Ghastly said. The normal one ran forward, pulling a knife from the back pocket of his jeans. While Ghastly was distracted, the tall one shadow walked behind him. Ghastly felt the cold metal of a gun pressed to his temple.

“Now you’re gonna do exactly what I say,” he said calmly, “Or I’ll shoot ya.”

“Ghastly! Ghastly! Where are you?” Tanith screamed as she ran.

“Tanith, wait up. You’re going too fast,” Val said, struggling to keep up.

Tanith turned, running backwards, “Remind me to give you more endurance training when we get back!” Suddenly she stopped. Swivelling on the ball of her foot, she said, “I can’t hear him anymore.”

“It’s okay. We’ll find him.”

“But what if he’s hurt?”

“He’ll be fine!”

Tanith stood still, just listening. All at once, Ghastly’s cries started again, much louder this time. She sprang forward and raced towards him. She took no notice of the thorns that grabbed for her legs as she ran. Breaking free of the trees and bushes, she came to a sudden halt.

It was a rather large clearing. In fact, it was probably the perfect spot for a picnic. It was actually quite beautiful. There were three men there, one of them Ghastly. One of them was tall and thin, and the other was just…average. There was a large pile of what appeared to be old clothes. Only when it moved did Tanith realise it was another person. Then there was Ghastly.

He was on his knees, next to the tall one, in his finely-tailored outfit, with a gun pointed at his head. He looked up and their eyes met. I’m sorry, he mouthed.

“Now, Miss Low, you’re gonna do what I say or he gets it.”


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