Book Review: History’s Prisoners (Invasion #1) (Re-Write)

*Before we begin, we would like to state that The Immortal Readers received this book as an ARC. Getting this book as a PDF and as an ARC does not affect our views on this book.*

This is also a re-write of the post Book Review: History’s Prisoners (Invasion #1), although that has also been updated. 


General Information:

Pages: Unknown

Genre: Sci-Fi

Series: Invasion

Author: James Garmisch

Publisher: Smashwords Edition

Source: ARC

ISBN: 9781370789801

Release Date: October 8th, 2016

Book Format: PDF

Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis: Moments before his execution, Huan is given a clear choice: infiltrate the Global Resistance—or die, and never see his children again.

The Alliance is collapsing, and Huan, a former economist for the worldwide government, knows how it was engineered. History has been reset, the children of dissidents re-educated, and the family unit abolished. The facade of utopia is evaporating.

Meanwhile, beyond the city walls, the separated lands are shifting from despair to chaos. Smoldering discontent is about to explode. Huan is neither a soldier nor a spy, but he will have to become both—and quickly—if he is to survive and to save the family that does not know him.

My thoughts:

James Garmisch has developed his characters well. And it is obvious.

The first chapter is slightly slow, but when I reached the second chapter, I was hooked! I have got to admit though, the chapters are long! Some of them I struggled through.

This book is original. Sure, the ‘escape from execution to serve the people who put you there’ was cliche but the way James Garmisch wrote it made it so original, which I really admired.

This book is the first in a series, which has no definite number of books. I will definitely be continuing this series!

It has brainwashing! I swear, brainwashing is my current obsession. (I have a lot.) It also has very advanced technology, so kudos.

Warning: Prepare to read it in one sitting.

If you like action, dystopia, intrigue, and a tiny little bit of romance you’ll enjoy this book.

I read one of James Garmisch’s other books, Silver, Lead and Dead, and I have to say, it was a complete turn around of genre! But, I really, really liked how James Garmisch’s previous book helped shape this one, I feel that it gave it a nice little extra something.

All up, this was a fabulous book. I can’t wait to read more!


 He stood up. “Why are you guys here?” he asked.

“Hunting,” she said.

“You have permits?” he glared at her.

She laughed this time. “Aww, are you breathing, sweetie?” She mocked, “Do you have a permit?”

Huan had resigned himself to his fate years ago. He knew intellectually that his execution would come. He thought he had been ready. He was not.

Ava realized she was dreaming, at that moment where the world of reality and subconscious began to blur and overrun like watercolors. She opened her eyes and tried to replay the dream in her mind. She was a young girl in the dream, playing at the beach. Salty, cold water rushed around her feet. There was a man nearby, familiar to her, warning her not to go deeper. Ava sat up quickly and bumped her head on the bunk bed above her.

Huan glanced at Reyanna. She did not make a sound. He thought maybe she had fallen asleep.

Quite un phased, she sat up, eyes dry, and an innocent look on her face. She glanced at Huan, tilted her head, and smiled quickly.

Huan decided in that moment that she would make a great daughter-in-law.




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