Top EoS Quotes

Hello my lovelies! Remember Top 15 Favourite Throne of Glass (Series) Quotes!? Well, I was looking through the blog the other day, and I saw that post. I thought, why not do one for Empire of Storms? I mean, it was incredible so… Let us begin! I was going to do 15 quotes but then I started skimming the book and ohmilord– too many fabulous quotes! So, the number will be infinite… (If I wish!)

Any spoilers will be in red.

  1. “We’d better eat before we raise hell.”
    “Raise hell.”
  2. “Rowan’s always looking for an excuse to show off. Dramatic rescues give him purpose and fulfillment in his dull, immortal life.”
    And someone *cough Aelin cough* is going to pay. 
  3. “Aelin was insane, Dorian realized. Brilliant and wicked, but insane.”
    I like to think that I am like Aelin. Eg. I like chocolate. And books. And Fae males. We are both brilliant and wicked and insane. Quite possibly. 
  4. “You will find, Rolfe, that one does not deal with Celaena Sardothien. One survives her.”
    One of my favourite quotes. Ever. 
  5. “I’d walk into the burning heart of hell itself to find you.”
    A beautiful declaration of love. 
  6. “You know, you ladies can let us males do things every now and then.”
    Feminism! Strong female characters are important…
  7. “Power called to power among the Fae. Perhaps Aelin Galathynius was unlucky the cadre had been drawn to Maeve’s power long before she was born, had chained themselves to her instead. Perhaps they were the unlucky ones, for not holding out for something better.”
    If only… If only. 
  8. “Gavriel’s son was bellowing Whitethorn’s name. A gods-damned victory cry. Over and over, the men taking up the call.
    Then Fenrys’s voice lifted.
    And Gavriel’s.
    And that red-haired queen.
    The Havilliard king.
    On into battle, on into bloodshed, they called the prince’s name.”
    Rowan… Aelin would be so proud… Only she is incapacitated. 
  9. “A gold coin says he misses,” Fenrys rasped.
    “Save your breath for healing,” Aelin snapped.
    “Make it two,” Aedion said behind them. “I say he hits.”
    “You can all go to hell,” Aelin snarled. But then added, “Make it five. Ten says he downs it with the first shot.”
    Go Aelin and Rowan! OTP!
  10. “She wasn’t fine, not even close.
    But she wasn’t dead.
    And that was a start.”
    A positive attitude! I like it!
  11. “She hated Death. And Death could go to hell, too.”
    Manon, Manon, Manon…
  12. “I’ll make one more promise,” she said, folding her bloodied hand into a fist as she lowered it before them. Darrow tensed.
    Her blood dripped onto the sacred soil of Terrasen, and her smile turned lethal. Even Aedion held his breath beside her.
    Aelin said, “I promise you that no matter how far I go, no matter the cost, when you call for my aid, I will come. I promise you on my blood, on my family’s name, that I will not turn my back on Terrasen as you have turned your back on me. I promise you, Darrow, that when the day comes and you crawl for my help, I will put my kingdom before my pride and not kill you for this. I think the true punishment will be seeing me on the throne for the rest of your miserable life.”
    Please just kill the idiot. 
  13. “His wife. Gods above.
    He was over five hundred years old – and this… this girl, young woman, she-devil, whatever she was, had just bluffed and lied her way into a job. A sword-thrower indeed.”
    Elide and Lorcan… I don’t know how I feel about their shipping… Probably won’t last but who knows? SJM controls them… 
  14. “Lysandra… Lady of Caraverre.”
    “There is no Caraverre,” Darrow said.
    Aelin shrugged. “There is now.” Lysandra had settled on the name a week ago, whatever it meant, bolting upright in the middle of the night and practically shouting it at Aelin once she’d mastered herself long enough to shift back into her human form. Aelin doubted she’d soon forget the image of a wide-eyed ghost leopard trying to speak.”
    “There is now.” My, my… Lady Lysandra of Caraverre… Has a nice ring! (Just like Princess Lysandra Ashryver…)
  15. Aelin and Aelin looked at each other. The one in black grinned up at the newcomer. “Oh, you ARE gorgeous, aren’t you?”
    So, so sassy… My lil munchkins!
  16. “And tell Rowan,” Aelin said, fighting her own sob, “that I’m sorry I lied. But tell him it was all borrowed time anyway. Even before today, I knew it was all just borrowed time, but I still wish we’d had more of it.” She fought past her trembling mouth. “Tell him he has to fight. He must save Terrasen, and remember the vows he made to me. And tell him . . . tell him thank you—for walking that dark path with me back to the light.”
    Oh god! Where is the tissue box?!
  17. “I’m going to call in old debts and promises. To raise an army of assassins and thieves and exiles and commoners.”
    Darrow… Lord… You have made a massive mistake young (old) man! 
  18. “I know you two are old and up past your bedtime so I’ll keep this quick.”
    That girl and her sass…
    DO YOU?
    Is it just me or should the demi-fae from Mistward come into play in the sixth book? I really want to read about their reaction to the mating bond between Rowan and Aelin… Luca’s face…
  20. “I was told to come to this temple. I found it occupied. So I unoccupied it. You’re welcome.”
  21. “The sunlight gilded the balcony as Asterin whispered, so softly that only Manon could hear, “Bring my body back to the cabin.”
    Something in Manon’s chest broke—broke so violently that she wondered if it was possible for no one to have heard it.”
    The cabin… Asterin… My heart broke at those words.
  22. “Where are our allies, Aelin? Where are our armies?”
    Too soon Aedion… Too soon. Give it a couple of days.
  23. “Ansel smiled, a winning grin. “Half of them are on their way there now. Ready to join with Terrasen. The country of my friend Celaena Sardothien, who did not forget it, even when she was in the Red Desert; and who did not stop looking north every night that we could see the stars. There was no greater gift I could offer to repay her than saving the kingdom she did not forget. And that was before I got her letter months ago, telling me who she was and that she’d gut me if I didn’t assist in her cause. I was on my way with my army already, but . . . then the next letter arrived. Telling me to go to the Gulf of Oro. To meet her here and follow a specific set of instructions.”
    Surprise! Aelin is now a war genius… 
  24. “All Rowan now had to offer his queen were the strength of his sword, the depth of his magic, and the loyalty of his heart.
    Such things did not win wars.”
    I am sorry, but what?! You have a lot more! (A.K.A. convincing the Whitethorn family that they should fight Maeve.)
  25. “Tell Aelin Galathynius that Wendlyn has never forgotten Evalin Ashryver,” Galan said to him, to Aedion. “Or Terrasen.”
    … No comment! 😢
  26. “Then Manon Blackbeak whirled and brought Wind-Cleaver down upon her grandmother.”
    ‘Bout time girlie! 
  27. “Rolfe unlocked the door, muttering, “This had better be worth my time,” and stalked into the awaiting dimness beyond. Then stopped dead.
    Even in the watery light, Dorian could perfectly see the woman sitting at Rolfe’s desk, her black clothes dirty, weapons gleaming, and her feet propped on the dark wooden surface.
    Aelin Galathynius, her hands laced behind her head, grinned at them all and said, “I like this office far better thank your old one Rolfe.”
    Oh god. Oh god! I love it. Loving it. Rolfe and Celaena’s relationship is so good. And then Rolfe and Aelin’s relationship is alright. 
  28. “And then Aelin said to Rowan with a secret smile, “You, I don’t know. But I’d like to.”
    Rowan’s lips tugged upward. “I’m not on the market, unfortunately.”
    “Pity,” Aelin said, cocking her head as she noticed a bowl of small emeralds on Rolfe’s desk. Don’t do it, don’t—
    Aelin swiped up the emeralds in a hand, picking them over as she glanced at Rowan beneath her lashes. “She must be a rare, staggering beauty to make you so faithful.”
    Gods save them all. He could have sworn Fenrys coughed behind him.
    Aelin chucked the emeralds into the metal dish as if they were bits of copper, their plunking the only sound. “She must be clever”plunk—“and fascinating”plunk—“and very, very talented.” Plunk, plunk, plunk went the emeralds. She examined the four gems remaining in her hand. “She must be the most wonderful person who ever existed.”
    Another cough from behind himfrom Gavriel this time. But Aelin only had eyes for Rowan as the warrior said to her, “She is indeed that. And more.”
    “Hmmm,” Aelin said, rolling the emeralds in her scarred palm with expert ease.
    Rolfe growled, “What. Are. You. Doing. Here.”
    Aelin dumped the emeralds into their dish. “Is that any way to speak to an old friend?”
    This is fabulous. Poor, poor Rowan. 
  29. “Rolfe blinkedjust once, then straightened. “Get out of my seat. And put back that emerald you slipped up your sleeve.”
    Aelin snorted, and with a flash of her fingers, an emeraldthe fourth one that Dorian had forgottenappeared between her fingers. “Good. At least your eyesight isn’t failing in your old age.”
    “And the other one,” Rolfe said through clenched teeth.
    Aelin grinned again. And then leaned back in Rolfe’s chair, tipped up her head, and spat out the emerald she’d somehow kept hidden under her tongue. Dorian watched the gem arc neatly through the air.
    It’s plunk in the dish was the only sound.”
    And her skills come into play. And so does Rolfe. 
  30. “Rolfe turned to Rowan, Fenrys and Gavriel. “You want my assistance in this war? Here’s the cost. Kill her. Now. Then my ships and men are yours.”
    Fenrys eyes glittered, but not at Rolfe, as Aelin rose to her feet, her black clothes were travel-work, her golden hear gleaming in the grey light. And even in a room of professional killers, she took the lion’s share of air. “Oh, I don’t think they will,” she said. “Or even can.”
    Rolfe whirled to her. “You’ll find that you are not so skilled in the face of Fae warriors.”
    Tut, tut. Never, ever underestimate her. Never.
    First rule of surviving Aelin Ashryver Galathynius: Whatever you do, don’t misread or downgrade her.
    Second rule of surviving Aelin Ashryver Galathynius: Don’t insult her in front of Rowan ‘Rutting’ Whitethorn.
    If you follow these rules, you won’t find yourself in a grave by the end of the hour.
    Good luck. 
  31. “Impossible. No one could get through those shields. Not even Rowan-rutting-Whitethorn.”
    And Lorcan is obsessed with Rowan. Go figure. 

P.S. Does anyone know what Lysandra’s last name is?? Has it been mentioned? In The Assassin’s Blade maybe?

I will most likely do a sequel to this but this is all for now!

I typed all these up. Now my fingers hurt…



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