Interview With a Fangirl…What Could go wrong?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a fangirl’s mind? Well, here is some insight:

*Warning: Most fangirls are a LOT more sane than we have portrayed with Lucy*

Interviewer: Good morning Miss Herondale. How are you today?

Lucy: (mutters something incomprehensible)

Interviewer: Pardon Me?

Lucy: Mundane fool.

Interviewer: How… nice of you. Now tell me, when was the last time you read a book?

Lucy: Well, I finished And I Darken an hour ago, so then.

Interviewer: And what was it about?

Lucy: *takes a big breath* Well, it’s about a girl of whom’s father is like super mean. Like serious daddy issues. Anyway, her father doesn’t think she is worth anything because she is a girl so he basically abandons her in a faraway empire in the hands of her enemies and she has to bide her time until she can basically kill everyone and claim the lands for herself except she ends up falling in love with her enemy which is seriously bad and so-

Interviewer: -moving on. I understand you collect books- how many do you own. A hundred, two hundred?

Lucy: *thinks* Well, before I went to Dymocks last week, I counted two hundred and thirty-

Interviewer: That’s a lot of boo-

Lucy: -On the one shelf. Then, of course, I have my Cassandra Clare shelf and my Rick Riordan shelf and my Rangers Apprentice shelf and my classics shelf. In total that’s about five hundred or so books.

Interviewer: That is quite the feat isn’t it-

Lucy: Plus my other bookshelf and my biography shelf. Oh, and the ten books I got from Dymocks. It was my birthday and my mummy likes to keep me happy. *Mentally adding up* Hmm…. I’m actually pretty good at maths. I once got a D+! Anyway, but I’m totally not bothered to figure that out, but it’s around one thousand books. Give or take a hundred.

Interviewer: …

Interviewer: …

Interviewer: *clears throat* Alright then, moving on. I’ve heard of things called ‘fictional boyfriends’. What or who is your fictional boyfriend?

Lucy: *pulls out list three miles long* Well, at the top I have Rowan and Rhys- I mean who wouldn’t want a hot fae immortal warrior, right? And then we have Dorian and Will Herondale, Etienne St. Clair, Dimitri Belikov, Tobias,Harry Potter- he was my first fictional crush- Day and Sam Cortland. Of course, Sam’s dead now so- Oops. Spoilers. *giggles* I really need to be more careful!

Interviewer: *gulps* And… and how many… do you have again?

Lucy: In total?

Interviewer: In total.

Lucy. *reads list* About seven hundred or so. I’m in a lot of different relationships. It can get sooooooo tiring keeping up with all of them! Honestly, they waste all that precious screen time on keeping up with the Kardashians, but really, they should be keeping up with my boyfriends!

Interviewer: Lets call a quick break, please.

Lucy: Sure! I’ll just be over here re-reading Twilight if you need me!

Interviewer: *speaking to technician* SHE IS BLOODY INSANE! Did you hear about her boyfriends? She hasn’t got one brain cell in her head!

Technician:  *looks at Interviewer* Tommy, she’s a fangirl. Of course she’s insane.

Interviewer: *sighs* You’re right.

Technician: Just finish the questions Tommy, and please, don’t be a such a muggle!

Interviewer: …


Hi guys! We hoped you liked that quick little sketch!

Ally, Melia, Laurena xox





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