The Chosen One- Pantera Press Giveaway!!!!


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Magic, danger, friendship and mystery- No, it is not another one by J.K Rowling, but rather Draekora by Lynette Noni. In anticipation of the upcoming release of the third book in the Medoran Chronicles, the wonderful Pantera Press is holding a giveaway in which participants must answer a few questions about their love for the books. I would really love to win in order to meet Lynette Noni and to be able to host a giveaway for you guys would be awesome!

Here is my entry:

      When I first read Akarnae, I quickly fell in love with Bear, Alex and DC, harbouring a secret crush on Jordan (I still ship Jalex) and I was able to hide from my own world and enter one where I felt safe and happy.  And that is why I love the Medoran Chronicles, because unlike most fantasy books I have read, Akarnae had a plot that was unique and interesting, but most of all, allowed me to hide and lose myself among the pages.

I feel a connection to Alex and her friends because they are human. I have read too many books where the main character is flawless and a faces a problem that can be solved in a few chapters. But Alex, Bear, Jordan and DC have problems that most of us will face one day: going to a new school, oppressive parents and the likes.

In Draekora, I am expecting more character development, more shadow walking (seriously, who wouldn’t want more of that?), more Kaiden and frankly, just more (pages? I hope!).

After looking at both covers under a microscope for a long time (MY EYES! MY EYES!), I feel like Akarnae reflects summer and Realia reflects… autumn? And if my hunch is correct then the colour that will dominate the cover of Draekora is… most likely a white/silver/blue, to reflect Winter. At the same time, though, I feel like I should say yello- nope. Sticking to my hunch, I am going to go with a shade of bluey-whitey, which is now a word. (I’m going to feel very dumb if it is yellow, though…)

Am I the chosen one? Probably not, but I am definitely choosing to read Draekora, no matter whether I win or not, and thank you for the oppotunity.

So that is my entry for the Chosen One competition- good luck to everyone entering!


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