Goodmorning, my fellow bookish peoples! As of two days ago, I finished the brilliant 172 Hours On The Moon. Here are my thoughts:


General Information:

  • Pages: 368
  • Genre: Horror, Science Fiction
  • Series: None.
  • Author: Johan Harstad
  • Publisher: Atom Books
  • Source: Library
  • ISBN:1907411518
  • Release Date: April 5th, 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rating: A
  • Quote from Reviewer: “A haunting, harrowing whirlwind of a book; one that is bound to leave you reeling and scared of things in the dark. Johan Harstad really hit the mark; this book is just fabulous!”


Imagine being picked for the trip of a lifetime; an expedition to the moon for an entire week. 172 hours. But what if you knew you weren’t coming back?

Introducing: Mia, Midori and the fabulously entertaining Antoine. Three teenagers. Each with their own reasons for escaping earth. Mia wants to live among the greatest band singers of all time. Midori has a dream of New York. Antoine needs a distraction from heartbreak. And so, when the lottery for a chance in a lifetime is announced, the three  are picked, and count down the days until their lives change forever. Three teenagers go up, but only one will make it back alive. 172 hours. The clock is ticking.


Wow! I finished this book in under three hours and was left marvelling at the ingenuity of it for another two. ‘This book is single-handedly destroying me and I love it!’ That was my thought throughout most of 172 HOURS ON THE MOON. To say lightly, you will suffer, but you will love it (As quoted by J.K Rowling in Harry Potter). The book itself, is about three teenagers, as mentioned above, who win a lottery for a holiday to the Moon and why we never went back to the moon. The plot mainly centres around there being ‘something’ on the moon that can’t EVER come to earth, and so in order to raise funding to investigate, NASA sends Mia, Midori and Antoine to the moon for a media buzz, intending a second mission fully equipped with experienced Astronauts to follow soon after. What they didn’t count on was the teenagers being the ones to discover the terrifying secret. But, whilst I loved this whirlwind of a novel, the book ends rather loosely and a novella or short story exploring the aftermath would have been extremely nice. However, the book is still undeniably fabulous and I would encourage anyone who is looking for a refreshing fast-paced thriller, unlike the usual sci-fi books.15856695._SX540_.png

172 Hours On the Moon is a gripping story, full of action and mystery- I couldn’t put it down- gravity or no. (Pun intended) It is heart stopping and will have you looking over your shoulder for a good day or so. I rate this book an A and I highly recommend it!

-Ally xox 🙂



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