Book Review: Threader (Negative Review)

General Information: 

Pages: 320

Genre: Fantasy,

Series: Stand-alone

Author: Rebekah Turner

Publisher: Harlequinn Teen

Source: Purchased

ISBN: 9-7817-6037-4044

Release Date: May 23rd, 2016

Book Format: Paperback

Rating: 2 stars

Synopsis: Welcome to the Helios Academy: evolve or die

It’s the year 2050 and life is increasingly hard for ‘non-citizens’. A slowly emerging young minority has been exposed as ‘talents’; they harbour mutations that give them special gifts – super strength, regenerative powers, psychic gifts or the ability to sink through shadows and travel through time and space. As governments unite to form a global talent registry and powerful corporations step in to take control, a ‘talent’ can be a passport to citizenship and a better life, but there is a cost as Josie Ryder is about to discover.

Orphaned at six, Josie Ryder has been raised by her uncle. Her talent is an unusual one: she is a threader, able to weave a combination of psychic talents around others to manipulate their powers. Working in her uncle’s antique store and dreaming of a better life, Josie has done everything to keep a promise to her late father: stay off the global talent registry and keep her talents hidden. But as Josie tries to make ends meet with the occasional illegal act, she risks a third strike with local law enforcement and, desperate for a better life, Josie finally breaks her promise to her father’s memory and sends an inquiry to the prestigious Helios Academy, a training facility in a distant country for talents. When the Helios Academy respond by sending mysterious slider, Blake Galloway to extract Josie, then offer her a position at their select and highly competitive institution, things begin to get really interesting, and more than a little dangerous…

My thoughts: Yep. Ok. This is even more critising than my Book Review: The Novice. That is almost impossible. Only it is possible. Somehow.

Picked up this book at the bookstore, read the caption ‘Welcome to the Helios Academy: Evolve or Die.’ I was intrigued. So I read the blurb and it sounded pretty good. So I bought it. I really should not have. I regret buying it. As simple as that. $20—down the drain.

The only good thing about this book was the originality and the cover. And the cover doesn’t count. I am not going go into the originality. Is is original. But only just. In this case, once you have read a YA novel like this one, you have read it all.

The writing was (sorry Rebekah Turner) mediocre. If it was written by someone else, yep. Probably would’ve loved it. I agree, I could have read a little further than chapter 9. But it was painful. It was just that bad.

Rebekah Turner needs a better editor. She #needs a lesson on when to hyphenate words. She needs a grammar and punctuation check. Don’t. CHECK YOUR WORK!

The pacing… TOO SLOW! Get into the action earlier, make it a shorter book. Please. From some of the reviews on Goodreads, it picked up the pace. But, sorry, I don’t think I am picking that book up again.

Blake. There is a fictional boy I did not like. If you knew me, you would know that I like majority of the main male fictional character’s. This was one who I didn’t like. He had mood-swings like nothing else. And Josie. I make sure I love the main female character. But I didn’t like Josie. What was wrong with her? Hell, she was a crappy character who was petty and self-centered. Then there was those characters. The characters who were mentioned by never featured again, (Jeremy) the characters you never know what happened to, (Archer, Olivia.) and Bobby. Josie thinks he has a heart attack right at the beginning of the book. 5 pages later, the matter is forgotten and Josie is shipped off. Bobby is now a minor character, despite being the main character’s father figure.

My main issue was that there was really good plot points featured for about 10 pages, then never featured again. If they were expanded, this book would have actually been alright! I mean, super-powered humans attending an elitist academy? Awesome- I want to read it! Sounds cool. A strange, mysterious biosphere responsible for these superpowers?Corporations binding these super-powered people to them via contracts and job offers? I want to see more. I want to know more about these talents. I want to see where these things develop in order to create a fabulous book.

But they weren’t. The ideas were muddled and although it all came together at the end, the actual book was too confusing to be good. ‘Evolve or Die…’ I did not see this in the book. That one sentence made me want to read it. But it didn’t feature it.

The romance. I have a big problem here. I want to see Blake and Josie’s friendship develop. They leaped right into lovers, not friends. Please, I hate it when characters meet and then right away start dating. Please, no.

Some parts don’t even need to be included. Frank at the beginning. Doesn’t contribute to the book at all. Bobby’s heart operation which Josie promptly forgets. Nothing important there if Josie is just going to forget a couple of pages later.

I feel that the whole ‘heart attack’ at the beginning was just a futile grab for attention. Nothing happens. Blah. End of situation.

End result: an almost DNFed book. I struggled through the last 100 pages. I am sorry, but Rebekah Turner, actually put something into your books. Don’t half do it. If you want to make people actually read your book, do more than 20%.


It is true. If I had to burn a book, I would burn this one.

I wrote this is 50 minutes, I had so much negative stuff to talk about.

Getting my matches,

Signing off,



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