Skulduggery Pleasant by Karabelle. Chapter 5.

 Hello! Second last chapter before it all slows down… Lets do it!
Chapter 5
Ghastly paced nervously back and forth in the back of his shop, glancing at his watch every so often. He stopped in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall.
“It’s fine. It’s just a date. You’ve been on one before and it went fine! Don’t worry, don’t worry don’t worry…”

Examining himself from top to bottom, he noticed that there was a slight crease in his jacket. Hyperventilating, Ghastly hurriedly took off his jacket and ran over to where his ironing board was. He laid the jacket down and carefully ironed the crease out.
He stepped in-front of the mirror again, only to notice that there was a faint stain on the left sleeve. That would simply not do. Ghastly shrugged off his jacket again and threw it onto the floor. He navigated his way through the piles of clothes that littered the ground of his shop. Ghastly flung open his wardrobe and started frantically scanning all of the clothes. No, no, no! He was panicking now. Surely I must have one clean jacket to wear.
Spinning around, he bent over and started rummaging through the the nearest clothes piles. I put aside a jacket yesterday, but where did I hang it up? Ghastly stopped in front of the mirror again.
“What if I don’t wear a jacket? Will it matter? Wait, what is Tanith wearing today?” Still ranting on, he tried out several outfits until finally he fashioned himself an outfit that was casual, yet classy. He checked his watch and nearly fainted. He had ten minutes to get to Gordon’s estate. That was hardly enough time! He would be late for his second date with Tanith! No, no, no this was not happening.
He needed Fletcher.

“Hey Ghastly, what’s up?”
“Fletcher, can you do me a massive favour?”
“Sure what do you need?”
“Wait, let me have a guess,” he paused for barely a second before saying, “You’re late for your second date with Tanith because you spent an hour looking for the right clothes to wear and now you want me to teleport you to Gordon’s estate so you’ll be on time.”
Ghastly stood silently.
“Am I wrong?”
“No…” Ghastly said slowly.
“Great, I’ll see you out the front of your shop in…10 seconds.” Fletcher hung up.
Am I really that predictable? He thought, Does Tanith think I’ll arrive late?
Racing out to the front of his shop, double checking that he had everything he needed. Ghastly almost didn’t notice that there was someone waiting.
A woman was sitting with her feet up and her arm draped over the couch like she owned the place.
“Oh sorry, I didn’t here you come in. Were you waiting long?” Ghastly asked, wondering if she had heard him talking to himself.
“No,” she said.
“Are you here for a new outfit?”
“Picking up, actually.”
“Oh yes, your here for the jacket and pants. I have to say, they’re one of my best works yet.”
“I can’t wait,” a hint of sarcasm on the edge her voice.
“Your name please,” Ghastly said, moving towards the counter.
“Lividia, Lividia Shanks…”

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