How to Irritate a Bookworm

Us, book nerds are usually kind, calm creatures (note the word usually) but if you irritate us don’t expect us to act as sweet as we do when we are telling you about our favourite book.

Here are some things that drive us mad…


  1. When someone says they hate reading and that you prefer to watch a crappy movie than read a book.
  2. When someone looses or ruins books that they borrowed from you. Just don’t. We will not be responsible for our actions. If someone wants to borrow a book from one of us, they should expect a long lecture about the proper care of a book of such value.
  3. When someone tells you they ‘only read the classics’ and ‘YA is not worth the read’. Just. No.
  4. When someone insists on talking to you when you have made it very clear that you are reading.
  5. When someone says, “Your OTP is fictional. They don’t exist.”
  6. “Once you’ve read on of those YA sci-fi/fantasy books, you’ve read them all.”
  7. “Haven’t you already read that book?”
  8. In that rare situation where someone who ‘doesn’t read’ has read a book that you read have also read, they always ship the wrong people! (e.g. Divergent)
  9. I don’t know how often this happens but some people in my class mix Gandalf up with Dumbledore. No. That is not right.
  10. When someone thinks that it is a good idea to STEAL YOUR BOOK.
  12. “It’s just a book” No. It’s not ‘just a book’
  13. People who judge what we are reading. (e.g. Me reading YA romance novel: la lala la la! Judgy person: What are you reading. Me: Oh, I’m reading…Judgy person: No, I don’t care, I just like to judge you)
  14. When someone says, “Why are you so tired? You should sleep more. Reading is overrated.”

There you have it, folks! 14 things that drive a book nerd mad.

24 thoughts on “How to Irritate a Bookworm

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  1. One time, I found a book I had been wanting to read at a used bookstore. My friend was with me and said “I’m going to borrow that at some point”. I said sure, no problem…. That evening, I went through my bags, and the book was gone! She “borrowed” it right then and there, without me realizing she had taken it out of the bag! Haha 🙂 Sometimes having a bookworm friend is just as bad as a friend who hates books.

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    *rant starts here lol *
    “I don’t like reading. Books are boring. I’ll just watch the movie. You’re so boring because you like to read.” OH MY GOD CAN I ROLL MY EYES ANY HARDER!! like I honesty DO NOT CARE that you don’t like to read so why do you have to tell me that WHEN YOU SEE ME READING honestly you must have a pretty damn boring imagination if you can’t read and just have to see it on screen because “books are so boring”. don’t get me wrong I love movies and tv shows but they barely touch the tip of the iceberg. & when people know I like to read and their like ugh you like to read & I’m like it’s sure better than sitting on my ass all day and staring at a wall for pointless hours because “I have nothing else to do”. like the stories are so amazing and creative & brilliant how can you not fall in love with the characters?!? & then I’ll make them read a book or reccomend it & they read it & are like oh that’s so good but then “still don’t like to read” or still totally judge me for reading all the time. ugh people make me mad.

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  3. I don’t trust other people handling my books, that’s why I don’t let anyone borrow my books (even my closest friends!). And yessss, it’s so annoying when people judge you for your reading preferences. Especially all those YA snobs, it’s definitely their lost and not our’s! 😂😂

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    1. Yes, I totally agree with you. I always get really nervous when I lend out books (Laurena, you still haven’t returned my book!). It is so annoying when someone says “I don’t read YA vampire books”. They are not all about vampires!

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