Skulduggery Pleasant by Karabelle. Chapter 3

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God save the Immortal Readers…

Chapter 3

Tanith and Valkyrie ran.

Tanith wasn’t sure what exactly they were running from, but she knew that whatever it was, it’s goal was to killed her and Val. They ran through the forest at Gordon Edgley’s estate, darting in and out from the rows of trees. She glanced at Val and caught her jumping over an impossibly thick log and vanished from Tanith’s sight. She kept running, they were incredibly fast. Tanith risked a quick glimpse to look for Valkyrie, Skulduggery would kill her if Val got seriously hurt. But Tanith couldn’t see any sign of her.

Suddenly something grabbed her ankle and she fell flat on her face. She felt something pass over the top of her, something filled with the kind of darkness that sent shivers down your spine, that would give you nightmares for months, that made you feel like your life was worthless. As she got up, Tanith felt hot, sticky blood start to ooze out of her nose. Looking around, she took in the situation. It was Valkyrie who had grabbed her foot, saved her life again. The thing that had jumped over her was turning to face them, snarling. It some sort of wolf-like creature. Black as death itself, the wolf seemed to be made from shadows, swirling and dancing within the confines of the wolf shape. It must be necromancy, she thought, I wonder if Val can do that?

The shadowy-wolf was not alone. Two more pitch black figures bounded over their heads and joined the first one, snarling and growling. Tanith shivered, the cold was unbearable. Why haven’t they made a move on us yet? Tanith questioned, they haven’t even got us surrounded. It’s like this is one big game to them. The only thing is, our lives are at stake. She only saw one way out of this one.

“Val,” Tanith forced her fear not to creep into her voice, “On the count of three we run as fast as we can.” Valkyrie gave her a look as if to say ‘Really, that’s your plan?’

“Unless you have a better idea,” Tanith muttered.

“Fine,” Valkyrie replied.


Suddenly, black tendrils of shadows ripped themselves free of the wolves and formed a few pointy looking spears, aimed directly at Valkyrie and Tanith.


The forest was deathly silent, as if all the creatures were holding their breath.


Together Valkyrie and Tanith spun around and ran, once again, for their lives. At the same time the wolves howled at the sky and as one, the spears flew towards their target at an incredible pace. Tanith grabbed Valkyrie’s wrist and pulled her behind a tree and one of the spears missed her by a hairs length. Spinning around, Tanith looked up as the tree trunk they were hiding behind was hit by another spear and bark fell to the ground in large chunks. She hauled on Val’s wrist again sprinted away from the wolves, who had just started moving towards their prey.

Why did everyone choose to attack them on the worst possible days. Valkyrie was helping her look for a nice picnic spot in the woods for lunch later on that day. Ghastly had let her pick the spot for lunch and he would bring the food. Tanith had thought it would be nice and peaceful at Gordon’s estate. Hidden away and secluded from the rest of the world. Of course this was the day that the three shadow creatures decided to show up and attack them.

“Where did th-“, Valkyrie stopped abruptly mid-sentence and shivered. She motioned for Tanith to stop running, then she whispered, “They have us surrounded.”

Tanith could feel it too. The cold despair that had suddenly engulfed to forest around them. The wolves emerged from the trees, except this time they weren’t wolves, they were snakes. Longer than Tanith and Val combined, the snake hissed and spat at them. The one closest to Tanith moved towards her and she tried to cut off it head. Her blade went straight through the snake but didn’t effect it in the slightest. Valkyrie clicked her fingers and flames licked her hand. The two snakes near her hissed louder and recoiled. Val swung her hand around to Tanith’s snake. It stop advancing and hissed at the fire.

“I don’t want to send a fireball at them because I might set the entire forest on fire,” Valkyrie looked at Tanith for an answer.

“Why don’t you just put out the fire directly after you throw the fireball,” then she added, “it’s not like we have any other choice.”

As soon as the first fireball hit the snake, it disappeared into the shadows and vanished. Val quickly surrounded the flames in an air bubble and put them out.

“Yes! It worked!” Val nearly laughed with joy. She threw another fireball, but before it reached them, the snakes faded into the ever changing shadows on the forest floor.

“Where did they go?” Tanith looked around panicked.

“I-I don’t know…” Val stuttered, putting out the fire.

“Aren’t you meant know all this necromancy stuff.”

“Yes…Except Solomon never taught me this; or mentioned it. To be able to create shadow beings…” Even Val had looked stunned when she saw the creatures, “They must be near by!” she exclaimed. When Tanith gave her a confused look she added, “The people who are controlling the shadow things.”

“How will we find them?”

I don’t know,” Val said again.

“I actually don’t care at the moment,” Tanith sighed, “All I want is to get out of here.”

“At least they’re gone for now,” Val said, “Okay, let’s go.”

“Well, I told Ghastly to meet me at the house.”

“And which way is that?” Val asked.

“Aren’t you meant to know that?”



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