Poetry Draft (Please comment)

Hello everyone! I had a crack at writing a poem and I have no idea how it turned out… So if you could please give me feedback in the comments, it would be appreciated greatly!

Thanks, Laurena 😊

Lead, the world may be ending but lives are just beginning.

Words mean nothing,

Inferior to technology and the destruction it creates.

Look, we could all be dying but machinery will survive.

A symbol of fruitless belief,

The clockwork people.

Think, the numbers do not add up but calculators are in abundance.

Three times four equals twelve

Ignore the teachings, see where that got humanity.

Carry, the burden of souls is upon you but you aren’t strong enough.

Fall, one knee, two,

Rise, one foot, two.

Stand, we are behind you.

Not yet, you say.

Not yet, we echo.

Continue, this world will flourish but humanity may well destroy it.

We will bring our selves down, again,

For we are mortal.

Dream, oblivion is close but for now we must languish in the chaos that civilization brought.

And, even though we think the world is eternal,

It isn’t.

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