A Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction by Karabelle- Chapter One

Hello everyone! This is a belated Chapter One. Sorry! The second chapter will come out on Sunday the 7th. Enjoy and thank Karabelle in the comments!!

Chapter 1

Walking along the main street was definitely not something she liked to do. Seven men asked her out with horrible punch lines, and three slipped their number into her coat pocket. With only one look at her, she would ruin their relationships, their marriages, their lives. Of course, since she was China Sorrows, she was use to this sort of thing. Everyone who saw her immediately fell in love with her. She had only felt love once, and once only. But that was a whole other story. He would never love her back, not after what she had done to him and his family, his wife and child. The nightmares still haunted her.

She made her way through the blocks of shops and apartments, narrowly escaping several married men from asking her out. She slipped in to the alley and hid in the shadows until they walked past. She wished that all the mortals in this town would go away. They would leave their family to be with her, even their children. She didn’t mind the mages, they wouldn’t be so easily swayed. That was mainly a good thing. Mainly…

After what seemed like an hour of avoiding love struck mortals, she finally reached her destination, the Emerald Spa. As she stepped inside the little shop, the acidic smell of nail polish filled the air. The lady at the counter was a mage, an adept; though China didn’t know what she focused on. Her name was Cassidy Jones. China didn’t know how old she was but she guessed Cassidy was in her early four-hundreds. Her brown hair had streaks of grey and was just long enough to pull into a messy bun. She had creases in the corner of her eyes and often gave China counsel without knowing it. China came here when she didn’t know what to do (which was very rarely).

As she approached, Cassidy glanced up and looked slightly startled to see China walking towards her. For a second she looked almost nervous. And guilty, as if she’d been caught doing something wrong. She immediately wiped the look off her face and smiled warmly at China. China nodded in greeting and smiled back.

“I’m glad you’re here China,” Cassidy said indicating for China to follow her, then she whispered, “I’ve been hoping you’d come.”

Cassidy lead China into a private room at the back of the salon. The room was pitch black. Even when Cassidy turned on the lights, the room was still quite dark. China figured that it was all a part of the relaxation process. Cassidy motioned towards the chair in the middle of the room. China noticed a faint sigil on the side of the chair. She frowned. She was sure she’d seen it before. Never mind, China thought, it probably just helps relax the mind. She sat gracefully on the chair. She sank into the seat, putting her head back.

“Just relax,” Cassidy smiled, “You might feel a bit tired during the massage.” She then spoke in a soft whisper-like voice. “Feel yourself sinking deep into the chair. Feel your body getting heavier and heavier and heavier…” China closed her eyes and sighed, she could basically feel her thoughts leave her mind. She tried to open her eyes again but found that she couldn’t, it felt like her eyelids were sealed shut. She managed to open them slightly, but her vision was blurred. She tried to move her arm to tell Cassidy to stop, but found she couldn’t. She tried to wiggle her toes, but they didn’t move. She saw a figure leaning over her grabbing her limp wrist. What’s happening? China thought sleepily. Even her thoughts were fuzzy. She felt herself falling out of consciousness and the dark room fell black once more…

See you on Sunday! The cliffhanger will be worth it…

~The Immortal Readers

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