One last word.

This isn’t a review,tag or recommendation. The words below are my own and I take full responsibility for them.

One.Last.Word. I often wonder what I will say on my death bed. Maybe a joke like:

‘I hid a million dollars in the-‘ or perhaps even a heroic saying: ‘I welcome death with open arms.’

I wonder what the victims of the attack on Bastille Day thought or said. What were their last words? Was it a proposal under the carousel? Was it a whisper of love from a parent to their child? Or maybe it was a hurried word. One. Last.Word. One last word to change the fate of that person’s life. Becuase, maybe, just maybe, the word was ‘run’. 

Such is a mystery due to one man. One truck. One chance. And a pile of the dead. Parents, children, grandparents. All stolen from their blissful lives by one man with one last word.

This is not a guilt trip or a snatch at dramatics. This is a call to action. To achieve greater things in life. Don’t waste your tears, waste your talent. Waste your talents on building a better world where this kind of thing doesn’t happen. We can’t do it alone. Nations need to stand together and acknowledge that a wrong doing was done on Nice in France. In Turkey. In Brussels. In Pakistan. In Istanbul. In Israel. In every country where precious life is wasted, whether it’s due to an act of terrorism or rape.

May god help the people of Earth once find the light again and may the victims of slaughter rest in peace.

Please don’t like this- out of respect to the victims of these attacks.



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