Loathing Lola By Will Kostakis

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Courtney Marlow lives a perfect life. That is until her boyfriend passes away, and the reality TV show she auditioned for is suddenly interested in her, not to mention her stepmother, Lola. Full of twists and turns, Loathing Lola is the perfect contemporary book, with just the right amount of sass.

My Thoughts:

I am going to say this straight out. I absolutely loved this book. Whilst it is a contemporary book with no fantasy, this is the one contemporary book that I actually like. My only critique would be that Will (The Author) loves to swear, but apart from that, I honestly loved this book. Whilst I honestly prefer fantasy and my collection of fictional boyfriends that comes with it (I’m not even kidding), ‘Loathing Lola’ is a incredible tale about how sometimes life isn’t as straight as it seems.


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