Book Borrowing Problems… Help!

Hello Readers!

It is Melia here and I am writing a discussion post about borrowing too many books from the library.

So, you know how bookworms often say things like, “I buy way too many books!” or “I have a book buying problem!”

Yeah, I do have a book buying problem, but I go to my school library more than a got to the bookstore. The holidays are coming up and our school library allows us to borrow more books to read for the holidays and since Ally, Laurena and I are library monitors, we are allowed more than most people. The librarians didn’t give us a actual limit so… I have 23 books out. 


If I was to read all of the books I have borrowed, I would have to read a book a day with only one exception. It is a 24 day holiday and I have 23 books that must be returned on the first day back at school. There is a very low chance that I can finish all of those books given 5 or 6 of them are over 500 pages.

I have to admit it. I am a book hoarder. (Actually, the librarians already told us that but I’d rather pretend we figured that out on our own)

Do you have a book borrowing/buying problem? Any tips on not hoarding books? Any book recommendations? (I just have to ask this. I don’t care if I have over 40 unread books at the end of my bed, waiting to be read.) 

All comments welcome!



8 thoughts on “Book Borrowing Problems… Help!

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  1. I hope you get to read those books! If I were in your shoes, I would probably read like only half. Haha! Good luck!

    I have a book borrowing problem too! Our school library has a limit of 2 books at a time so that’s great to limit me. But the problem is, my best friend has a book buying problem and she keeps telling me to borrow any books I want. I mean, how can I resist?

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