The Ever So Helpful Guide to Finishing Your TBR

If you are viewing this post, it’s probably because your TBR (To Be Read) pile looks something like this…



Huge. Messy. Intimidating.

Well, this can be fixed with the help of TIME, RESILIENCE and ME! (Melia)

I am no magician and I can’t give you tips on reading your TBR pile of 1,000,000 books in a week, but I can give you tips on reading your TBR pile of 50 books in a little less than a year.

Remember, just because your friend is reading 10 books a week doesn’t mean you have to as well.

Tip #1: Read Instead

This tip is harder than it sounds. It requires lots of willpower. Do not reach for your phone. Reach for a book. Do not reach for the remote. Reach for a book.

This tip can become troublesome. If you read for hours and hours and hours and don’t stop, you could be shoving yourself into a reading slump. When I say hours and hours and hours, I mean around 10 hours with no breaks.


Tip #2: Ban All Libraries and Book Stores

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Read the books that you already have (unless there is an anticipated release that you truly must buy). Only browse in book store when you don’t have any money on you. Only browse in libraries’ if you don’t have your library card.

I am really bad at this one. I see a book I want and I use my fabulous negotiating skills to get my mum to let me buy it and then, oops, there goes my money… and my book buying ban… and my social life.


Tip #3: Move Out of Slumps. Fast

You just finished the most amazing book ever and your favourite character died. You can’t move on. Oh, how drastic! No other books are sticking! Will you ever read again?

Yes, you will. You will push though that slump by watching BookTube or reading Book Blogs. (I recommend these booktubers: Abookutopia and LovingDemBooks, and these book bloggers Mollie the Reader and Bookish Serendipity)

If that doesn’t work, just keep picking up books until one sticks. Trust me; reading will come back to you.


I hope that this ‘Ever-so-helpful’ guide has helped you or will in the future!




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  1. I love this advice! TBR piles can add up so quickly, and it’s difficult to know where to start reading once you have a huge pile of books to choose from. I also use BookTube and book blogs to get out of reading slumps–it’s so helpful!

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