Book Tag: EpicReads

Hello incredible readers! I got this tag off Intellectual Recreation. I was not tagged to do this but it sounded like so much fun! So here goes.1) If you could invite one author and one of their fictional characters to tea, who would you invite and what would you serve them?

I would invite Richelle Mead and Adelaide. (I want tips on how to disguise myself as a totally different person.) I would serve them this because when I have high tea on the weekends, my plate looks like this:

Deleteforblog.jpg (Cucumber sandwiches and Lemon Curd Tarts are the best!)

2) What book would you like a prequel for?
Hunger Games! How did the games start?! I need to know! Suzanne Collins, write it!

3) Which two characters (not from the same book) do you think would make a good couple?
Ha! I would pick Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus and Grace Blakely from All Fall Down.

4) If you ran into your favourite author on the train and could only say one sentence to them, who would it be and what would you say?
Cassandra Clare. I would grovel- a lot. Possibly faint. Will faint.

5) What book made you a reader and why?
How can you think back to birth? But the book that really got me into reading that little bit more was all the Enid Blyton books.

6) Your book shelf just caught on fire! What book would you save and why?
My book shelf would never catch on fire… But I would save my kindle. It only has 108 books… so I can read all of them over and over again. Does that count?

7) What dystopian world would you want to live in if you had to choose one and why?
The Selection! I would totally enter- even if I was an 8… I love those books! (Also, I have 2, 3, 4 and soon 5 on my kindle so they would be with me forever!)

8) What is your most epic read of all time?

ohh.jpg Not happening.

I tag Mia. (Mia, pleeease! [And you know who you are!])



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