Poem Writing 101

How good are you at writing poems?

The other day, I had a go at it and I don’t know how I went… so, if it is good, please continue reading because I will outline just how to write a good poem. If terrible, please say so in the comments so I can hopefully improve…

Anyway, here goes:


I would begin with dear.

But I do not believe in holding someone dear,

If they are just going to turn their backs and leave.

And if, when, the world ends,

I will be the only one,

With someone else still facing the other way.

And I will watch the sun float over the abyss of space,

Waiting for the world to start again,

In tens of thousands of years.


Any who how, this is probably terrible but it is how I got the end product.

  1. Find a subject. This is normally quite easy, because it depends on your mood and/ or what you are passionate about. I was rather sad and detached from the world when I wrote this. (Evidently).
  2. The next step is to write the first line. This should take you about ten seconds to think up, it does not need to be perfect. It needs to be a starting point, nothing more. It only needs to be a simple observation or thought, hence ‘hello’.
  3. Drill it into your mind that you don’t need elaborate rhymes, if you want them. In my poem, it doesn’t rhyme, because not all poems have to. Rhyming is a way to make it fun and ‘fun’ is not always necessary.
  4. If you do decide to make it rhyme, you should mix it up, don’t do continuous end sounds, eg. wall/ mall. After you have done that particular rhyme sound, don’t go and do crawl/ haul. Do form/ storm.
  5. Make it natural. Don’t give each line a set number of words unless you are doing a cinquain. But at the same time, don’t give one line three words and the next ten. Keep them within a three word radius of each other.
  6. Decide on a conclusion. A poem is like a narrative/ novel. You should have a decisive, precise ending and that should be that. Ending it with the first line of the poem or the title would also suffice the ending needs.
  7. Write the poem. Let the words flow from your fingers and let it loose. When you have finished, then go back and edit.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Avoid overly simple rhymes, like mad/ sad, like/ bike, et cetera, et cetera.
  • Don’t write about something you don’t know 90% plus about, the best writing comes from the heart.
  • Don’t give up. Writing isn’t easy, and you won’t get it 100% correct the first, second or possibly even third time.
  • EDIT! Editing is maybe the hardest and most important part of writing. Don’t edit it yourself, get someone else to. If you edit yourself, your work will be totally biased and you will end up where you started. Generate a thick skin so when your friends/ teachers/ audience say ‘no, it’s terrible, go back and re-do it all,’ you won’t burst into tears and curse the day they were born. (Believe me, it doesn’t work, I have tried.

That is all I have for now, but keep your eyes open for more [topic] 101. Please post your poems in the comments, I would love to read them!

Keep writing,

There will be challenges…



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